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6GR Position

6GR Welding Position is in accordance with AWS D1.1 Structual Welding Code – Steel (An American National

6GR Welding Position in accordance with AWS D1.1

6GR Welding Position in accordance with AWS D1.1

Standard). This is often called restriction welding, which the “R” in the term 6GR is with restriction ring, while 6G in the term 6GR is the same as in 6G position. The difference with the 6G and 6GR position is the restriction ring and the the bevel preparation. 6G is prepared as single vee at 45 degrees postion with the horizontal plane, while the 6GR bevel preparation is single bevel and the two connecting pipe has different thicknesses, one is thicker of at least 4-6mm. The thicker pipe is the one with no bevel preparation, and the thinner pipe is prepared in single bevel. An example of 6GR postion is shown in the picture on the right of this article. This is the hardest welding test position in Shielded Metal Arc Welding. This position is normally used in the welding of Offshore platform structure such as offshore jacket, beams, decks, boatlanding, underside and other parts of the offshore platform. This position qualifies you to weld TKY joints. This one of the most highly paid welding position aside from GTAW Welder. It si suggested that you have 6GR SMAW, 6G sMAW, 6G GTAW/SMAW (Combination) and 6G GTAW qualification in order for you to have the higher advantage of any welder in the industry. Additional 6G GTAW Stainless Steel and Duplex is an added advantage.


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  2. i love to know the full meaning of 6gr and also to commend u for ur unlightenment

  3. what is the meaning of SMAW, GMAW and TEST COUPON.

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    I need to learn 3G 4G 6G can u help me

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