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NDT COURSES: Pls visit our Sister Company Website:

WELDING COURSE sched 2-18 heats


TRADE TEST AND WQT ISSUANCE We conduct trade test for our trainees and walk-in (non-trainees). We conduct trade test for 3G, 4G, 6G and 6GR positions for SMAW, TIG, TIG/SMAW processes Third Party WQT will be given to those who passed the end-of-course assessment of any Welding Courses. Third party WQT shall be issued to trade test passer DISCOUNT:(applicable to SMAW NCI, SMAW NCII and GTAW NCII regular courses only) 5% discount – will be given if you enroll two regular courses above and pay cash SPECIAL DISCOUNT 10% discount – will be given if you enroll and pay 2 months in advance to any of our courses above FOREIGNER FEES An additional 50% of the local fees will be charged to all Foreign Students OTHER SERVICES Trade Testing of Welders (with WQT) Trade Testing of Blaster/Painter (with B/P ID) Welding Consultancy (Preparation of WPS and PQR) ISO 9001 Consultancy (Preparation of ISO 9001 Manual and Procedures) Welding Machine Rental Supply of Welding Inspectors, Welding Instructors

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Des 2nd from R last row with his classmates in Heats School of Welding Technology, Inc.

Des 2nd from R last row with his classmates in Heats School of Welding Technology, Inc.

Australian joined Heats Training?

Yes! Believe it or not,  just recently, an Australian registered in Heats to undergo SMAW Pipe and GTAW Pipe Training.

HEATS is honored to have an Australian in our training facility for few days with full trust that Heats School of Welding Technology, Inc. can give him the training he wanted.

We are proud to have an Australian Trainee and we are proud to be a Philippine Welding School catering people in all walk of life in the Welding Training Industry in the Philippines as well as other countries.

The Heats School of Welding Technology, Inc. Management want to thank Des for his trust to our school. You are in the right school! For few days of training with us, you will receive the practical knowledge you wanted to have. I hope that you will spread the news to your countrymen about us and how you have been trained by our instructors.

This is a big milestone for HEATS!

May 9, 2009 – In the first week of May 2009, Des has completed his rigid training in Heats. He is now working in Australia as Boiler Maker and TIG Welder.


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Welding Inspector Webinar

Due to covid19, to cater our client, the Heats Management decided to offer Welding Inspector Webinar.

To join, you need to send us the following:

Full Name


Skype account

Educational Attainment


We will send our Bank Account once you are ready to pay the course fee.

The fee is P5,000 for 3 days, far lesser than the regular price of P11,000.

Join now!

Click the url below to check the full details of the course


Online Welding Inspector Course

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Our FREE ACCOMODATION will be available again starting 2020 to our regular trainees.

Avail our free accomodation with our offered courses.

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Booking Policy


All booking shall be paid to Heats 5 days before the course or earlier.


Booking fee is NON REFUNDABLE

So do not book if you are not sure to join.

If the course is cancelled by Heats, booking fee will be refunded. Or the participant may opt to re book on the next schedule.


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Many people are asking this question; What is the best Welding Course to be taken?

Well, it depends on what you want to do after your course.

If you want to have a small shop to cater basic necessity for welding works such as window grills, steel gates, steel windows, trusses, side car and other basic welding works, then you can enrol our Basic Welding Course which would be sufficient enough to give you practical knowledge to do the above jobs.

What if you plan to work in Structural Industry and Storage Tank Industry? Well, you can take the Basic Course, SMAW Structural and SMAW Pre-Pipe Course. But if in ship building Industry, GMAW or FCAW Course is an added value.

While if you plan to work in the Oil and Gas Industry, the following courses are recommended from zero background;

Basic Welding Course



TIG/SMAW Combination Course (Optional but highly recommended)

TIG Stainless Steel (Optional but recommended)

If you have the above 5 courses and qualifications, we are pretty sure that you can land a welder job easily.

Since then, good luck guys! Enjoy Welding!

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TIG Carbon Steel Pipe Course, Manila Philippines

One of the most sought Welding Course in our facility since it started is the TIG Carbon Steel Pipe Course.

Its pre-requisite is either training or experience in SMAW Pipe.

TIG Course trainees are trained both in practical from 1G to 6G and the Basic theory of TIG Welding including Welding Safety.

After the course, the trainee will have an end-of-course assessment, and if he passed the assessment, he will be give Certificate of Completion and a WQT.

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TIG/SMAW Combination Course, Manila Philippines

Another advanced course that Heats is offering is the TIG/SMAW Combination course. One of the most sought qualification in the Oil and Gas Industry and Offshore work.

The pre-requisite of TIG/SMAW Combination course are either you have an experience or training in TIG or SMAW. This course run for 10 days.

TIG/SMAW Combination Course objective is to prepare the trainee to become a combination welder. He will be teach practically on how weld TIG rootpass and hotpass on a 6 inch A106 Gr. B pipe and on how to SMAW filling pass up to weld cap starting form 1G position to 6G position. The main goal of the training is to prepare the trainee to be competent in 6G position using TIG/SMAW Process.

After passing the end-of-course assessment, the trainee will be given TIG/SMA Certificate and a WQT as per ASME IX requirements. This WQT can be used as a documentation for job application.

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TIG Stainless Steel Course, Manila Philippines

One of our advance welding course is TIG Stainless Steel.

This qualification is most sought in the refinery works and petrochemical projects as well as in the Oil & Gas Industry.

The pre-requisite of TIG Stainless Steel is training or experience in GTAW Pipe – carbon steel or SMAW Pipe training or experience.

This is a 7 days course, 8 hours a day with 100% practical from 1G to 6G position.

Course outcome:

The trainee will be familiarized in the equipment, tools, consumables needed in TIG Stainless Steel welding

The trainee will know how to weld Stainless Steel Pipe from 1G to 6G

The trainee will learn the techniques on how stainless steel pipe is welded


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Welding Course – Manila Philippines

The Heats School of Welding Technology is one of the few names in the welding training industry.

Since 2008, Heats has trained hundreds of thousands welders and inspectors that are now scattered around the globe from as far as Middle East, Africa, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asia.

The most sought courses are as follows:

TIG Stainless Steel

TIG/SMAW Combination

TIG Carbon Steel



SMAW Plate

Welding Inspector Course

We also offer other specialized course as per requirements of a company or an individual except Underwater Welding and Automatic/Robotic Welding.

Interested person can contact us at or message us at 09275672453 look for Lawrence or 09054140543 look for Hanna.

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Non Destructive Testing Courses are now under the care of our sister company Inspecciones Generales Inc.

The offered courses are:





Pls check the schedules at and book to Fred Sambile at +639199147188

Download the booking form at


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2019 Welding Inspector Course Schedule

Our 2019 Schedule of Welding Inspector Course

JULY 12-19, 2019                         –       Tarlac

AUGUST 9-13, 2019                    –        Taguig

SEPTEMBER 13-17, 2019          –         Tarlac

OCTOBER 11-15, 2019              –          Taguig

NOVEMBER 15-19, 2019          –          Tarlac

DECEMBER 19-23, 2019          –          Tarlac

FEE: P11,000

Booking Fee: P5,000. Remaining P6,000 will be paid on day 1.

A discount of 20% to all PWFS Registered Members

Book Now! Pay your booking fee to the following account and send receipt to

Bank Name: BDO

Account Name: PEDRO G. JOSE JR

Account Number: 000-910566631

Branch: SM TARLAC 

Contact Lawrence Santiago at 09275672453

or email us at

NDT COURSES are also available monthly conducted by our sister company Inspecciones Generales Inc.

Contact Fred Sambile at 09199147188

or Visit their training schedule at


Booking Fee: P2,000. Remaining balance will be paid on day 1.

A discount of 20% to all PWFS Registered Members

Book Now! Pay your booking fee to the following account and send receipt to

Bank Name: BDO

Account Name: PEDRO G. JOSE JR

Account Number: 000-910566631

Branch: SM TARLAC 

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