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Effective June 1, 2014, the following courses and fees will be implemented. Heats Courses and Fees1

Pipefitter’s Course – 15 days – P12,000

GMAW Course – 10 days – P15,000

FCAW Course – 10 days – P15,000

TRADE TEST AND WQT ISSUANCE We conduct trade test for our trainees and walk-in (non-trainees). We conduct trade test for 3G, 4G, 6G and 6GR positions for SMAW, TIG, TIG/SMAW processes Third Party WQT will be given to those who passed the end-of-course assessment of any Welding Courses. Third party WQT shall be issued to trade test passer DISCOUNT:(applicable to SMAW NCI, SMAW NCII and GTAW NCII regular courses only) 15% discount – will be given if you enroll two regular courses above and pay cash 5% discount – will be given if you enroll two regular course above and pay in installment basis SPECIAL DISCOUNT 20% discount – will be given if you enroll and pay 2 months in advance to any of our courses above FOREIGNER FEES An additional 50% of the local fees will be charged to all Foreign Students OTHER SERVICES Trade Testing of Welders (with WQT) Trade Testing of Blaster/Painter (with B/P ID) Welding Consultancy (Preparation of WPS and PQR) ISO 9001 Consultancy (Preparation of ISO 9001 Manual and Procedures) Welding Machine Rental Supply of Welding Inspectors, Welding Instructors

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Des 2nd from R last row with his classmates in Heats School of Welding Technology, Inc.

Des 2nd from R last row with his classmates in Heats School of Welding Technology, Inc.

Australian joined Heats Training?

Yes! Believe it or not,  just recently, an Australian registered in Heats to undergo SMAW Pipe and GTAW Pipe Training.

HEATS is honored to have an Australian in our training facility for few days with full trust that Heats School of Welding Technology, Inc. can give him the training he wanted.

We are proud to have an Australian Trainee and we are proud to be a Philippine Welding School catering people in all walk of life in the Welding Training Industry in the Philippines as well as other countries.

The Heats School of Welding Technology, Inc. Management want to thank Des for his trust to our school. You are in the right school! For few days of training with us, you will receive the practical knowledge you wanted to have. I hope that you will spread the news to your countrymen about us and how you have been trained by our instructors.

This is a big milestone for HEATS!

May 9, 2009 – In the first week of May 2009, Des has completed his rigid training in Heats. He is now working in Australia as Boiler Maker and TIG Welder.


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An excerpt from ASME IX

QW-420 Material Groupings
QW-420.1 P-Numbers and S-Numbers. Base metals have been assigned P-Numbers or S-Numbers for the purpose of reducing the number of welding and brazing procedure qualifications required. In addition, ferrous base metals have been assigned Group Numbers creating subsets of P-Numbers and S-Numbers that are used when WPSs are required to be qualified by impact testing by other Sections or Codes. These assignments are based essentially on comparable base metal characteristics, such as composition, weldability, brazeability, and mechanical properties, where this can logically be done. These assignments do not imply that base metals may be indiscriminately substituted for a base metal that was used in the qualification test without consideration of compatibility from the standpoint of metallurgical properties, postweld heat treatment, design, mechanical properties, and service
requirements. The following table shows the assignment groups for various alloy systems:


When a base metal with a UNS number designation is assigned a P- or S-Number or P- or S-Number plus Group Number, then a base metal listed in a different ASME material specification with the same UNS number shall be considered that P- or S-Number or P- or S Number plus Group Number. For example, SB-163, UNS N08800 is P-No. 45; therefore, all ASME specifications listing a base metal with the UNS N08800 designation 74 shall be considered P-No. 45 (i.e., SB-407, SB-408, SB-514, etc.) whether or not these specifications are listed in table QW/QB-422. When utilizing this provision, only base metals listed in table QW/QB-422 may be used for
test coupons since a minimum tensile value is required for procedure qualification.

QW-420.2 S-Numbers. S-Numbers are assigned to materials that are acceptable for use by the ASME B31 Code for Pressure Piping, or by selected Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Cases, but which are not included within ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Material Specifications (Section II). Material produced under an ASTM specification shall be considered to have the same S-Number or S-Number plus Group Number as that of the P-Number or P-Number plus Group Number assigned to the same grade or type material in the corresponding ASME specification (i.e., SA-240 Type 304 is assigned P-No. 8, Group No. 1; therefore, A 240 Type 304 is considered S-No. 8, Group No. 1). Some variables and figures may not specifically address S-Numbers. When this occurs, the requirements regarding P-Numbers and P-Number Group Numbers shall apply equally to materials that are assigned to corresponding S-Numbers and S-Number Group Numbers. However, if procedure qualification testing was done using material assigned an S-Number or S-Number Group Number, the range qualified is limited to materials that are assigned S-Numbers or S-Numbers Group Numbers (i.e., qualification using a P-Number material qualifies corresponding S-Number materials; qualification using an S-Number material qualifies corresponding S-Number materials but not corresponding P-Number materials; qualification of welders using a P-Number material qualifies them to weld on corresponding S-Number materials and vice versa).

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Apply na mga batang Heats


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ABS Inspection


ABS Inspector inspect finished test plate

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Overseas Project Trade Testing


Trade Testing at our Overseas Training Project

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2nd FREE Basic Welding Inspector

Heats started 2015 in running FREE Basic Welding Inspector Course.

The Philippine Welders and Fitters Society (PWFS) and Welders and Fitters Association of the Philippines (WAFAP) joins Heats School of Welding Technology in starting the year with a FREE course to WAFAP/PWFS members as part of their objective in helping our KABAKALs.

15 registered online but only 3 attended the course.

To the 3 participants, Congratulations!

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Happy 2015

Happy New Year 2015 to all!


From: Heats Management and staff

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Australian Trainee for September 2014

Originally posted on Heats School of Welding Technology Inc. - Tarlac City:


Our Australian Trainee for September 2014 Mr. James Mitchell (1st from right) with our Pinoy trainees

James is enrolled on Basic Welding, Shielded Metal Arc Welding and then Gas Tungsten Arc Welding.

Australia and UK are so far our foreign trainees mostly came from which is marketed through word of mouth from our previous trainees.

Thank you James for the trust you have given us! Few days from now, you will be one of Certified Welders around the world.

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Fitting up – Overseas Training Project

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Structural Installation – Overseas Training

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Italian trainee for August 2014


Our Italian trainee for August 2014 Mr. Jacob (in the middle) who took Basic Welding and SMAW NCII.

Thank you Jacob for the trust you gave us! Jacob is now in Australia.

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