Posted by: heatsschoolofweldingtechnology | November 30, 2009

Welding Positions for Plate and Pipe (1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G, 6GR)

For the past few months, we posted the welding positions for each category. But for clarity, we will give you the complete picture of each position as shown in the picture.

Welding Positions


First picture from left – 1G – Plate which is flat position

Second picture from left – 2G Plate which is horizontal position

Third picture from left – 3G Plate which is vertical position

Fourth picture from left – 4G Plate which is overhead position


First picture from left – 1G Pipe (rolled) which is flat position

Second picture from left – 2G Pipe (fixed) which is horizontal position

Third picture from left – 5G Pipe (fixed) which is vertical position


First picture from left – 6G Pipe (fixed) inclined position at 45 degrees

Second picture from left – same picture as in the middle portion which is 2G pipe

Third picture from left – 6GR Pipe (fixed) inclined position with restriction ring


1G, 2G, 3G and 4G plate are applicable in the fabrication and installation of tanks, vessel, structural, shipbuilding and aeronotics

1G, 2G, 5G and 6G pipe are applicable in the fabrication and installation of piping and pipelines for industrila plants, oil and gas industry, chemical plants and other industry which uses piping and pipelines.

6GR is applicable mainly in the fabrication and installation of offshore structure and other structure that have the TKY configuration.



  1. I have 15+ yrs exp in 2G, 3G & 6G welding in Singapore


  3. Ok I just got out of the Army, took a career change. I began classes with the union. Pipefitter/welder, I have been learning pretty good. I am on 6″ 6G, Stick ( 6010 for root, and 7018 hot pass to Cap. I am looking for videos on welding pipe 2G, 5G and 6G. I am all about make myself better and better. I am dreaming of welding now, when I go to sleep. So, if anybody have any ideas let me know. Books, videos, anything that I can better my welds. Thank you and God Bless.

  4. thats good… scroll our website and FB Page you can see a lot of videos

  5. Am from nigeria and am corrently undergoing treaning as a plate and pipe i want 2 knw hw i cn be conected wit other professionals and i also need job

  6. madada’an po ba lahat yang positions na yan sa (SMAW-I and SMAW-II)?

  7. Lhat po ng groove welding position madadaanan except 4G

  8. 5yer ex in kerala. 1gto5g

  9. pls am in 6Gr and am lookin 4 vacancy,in LAGOS Nigeria


  11. please,i a nigeria residing in rivers state to be specific, i am interested in your training you have training center in Nigeria?

  12. Sorry we don’t have in Nigeria only in Philippines. Tnx

  13. I pipe line welder with 1 year exrmp good at 4g and 6g i want to more about these work

  14. my name is udeme sampson.i live in portharcourt,am industrial welder specialised in all type of welding profession.

  15. I have 6 year exp of welding 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G, in PLANT, PIPEING, and PIPELINE in india

  16. emco6to6pipe is a plate/pipeline welder

  17. Thanks for publishing this. Please i Would like you to tell me if you offer training for pipe and structural fitting. Also i want to know if the certifications is internationally accepted.

  18. Sorry we don’t have pipe/structural fitter course yet

  19. Thank sir/madam, I want to plead if i can get a clip for pipe and plate welding (1G 2G 3G 4G 5G and 6G)

    On 6/23/13, Heats School of Welding Technology Inc. – Tarlac City

  20. migwelding techniques

  21. this is really helpfull for those who never know abt that

  22. i like so much welding


  24. 3G and 4G is covered in SMAW NCI. Or Basic Welding is up to 3G

  25. I do want to walding 3g 4g course

  26. Welder3g

  27. Any welding school that i can join distance.

  28. i need more to learn about welding but i have now welder certificate nc2. can you give me another idea,becouse 6g welding position is dificult.

  29. (IIW) WELDING DIPLOMA 1F,2F,3F,4F, 1G,2G,3G,4G ,5G,6G

  30. Am in to learn how to weld because that’s part of my career.

  31. Am Adama Mohammed looking for job in your establishment,wish to be part of your team very soon.Am a welder Fabricator

  32. Am welder 2g 3g from pakistan but this time before 3 years am in saudi arabia am realy intrested working and living in canada need your help for coming in canada work permit or skilled immigration i love and like canada my mobil number 00966594379584

  33. Please, am new in welding, i dnt kw of 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G Etc… And pleasea i need Online training and Vidoes

  34. Please, am new in welding, i dnt kw of 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G Etc… And pleasea i need Online training and Vidoes thank you Sir. My Mobile Number is :08060067365

  35. Good day kabayan,
    Meron ba kayo AWS course this coming july 2014?tsaka sa u.t level II nyo ilang hrs un total including sa practicals and lectures?

  36. Ala na po kami AWS kasi mahirap magbuo ng minimum required participants. Sa NDT naman naka outstation Level 3 namin kya on hold mga NDT Courses namin.

  37. Tell me tha meaning of “g”

  38. Groove

  39. Welding


  41. I am piping foreman and now I want to prepare own to welding foreman

  42. hello every body..I have done mechanical engineering.. I have also 1 year experience of QA/QC. and that time I m job less..I have also knowledge about 2G 3G 4G 5G & 6G.welding.and piping knowledge. so please help me job in mechanical engineering field.

  43. Hi, am Mariom Farooq currently under-going welding trainining and certification programme in my country Nigeria, sponsored by PTDF organised by the Nigerian Institute Of Welding (NIW) in conjunction with International Institute Of Welding (IIW).
    I can currently weld all fillet and plate positions which are 1f, 2f, 3f 4f, 5f and 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G respectively but yet to be introduce to tube (pipe), I dont know if you can help me with turtorial on the pipe aspect, under water aspect with Job alert too will also be welcome with profuse appreciation and gratitude, thanks.

  44. I have only 6 years being 4g plate welder in a shipbuilding..FCAW user

  45. Hai iam still to welding bu i dont no g mining and pipe weldings of 1g 2g 3g pleise explain to welding methods or vidous

  46. 5g welder 7 years gulf experience iti diploma government one years. …… now i am working Kuwait pipe welding 6 inch and 4 inch 5g . ……..

  47. am from nigria i want to be part of your student

  48. I am working like to position

  49. I have 3year exp 1G,2G,3G,

  50. I have 3year exp 1G,2G,3G, for india

  51. Happy new year,wishing you the good blessing in this year… many things to say but in brief,i am a welder,i have been on this fields over ten year experience as a local welder an little knowledge of industrial welder……sir,how can you HELP ME to be a BETTER WELDER, thanks and good luck

  52. Sir good day., sir how much the tuition fee for TIG welding? And how many hours for the TIG training?

  53. 41k for 34 days

  54. P41k for 34 days

  55. Sir I can’t know welding position so contract my I’d

  56. My name is awadhkishor kushwaha I am 8 year experience of 1g 2g 3rd 4g 5g welding I pipe line fabrication line

  57. Hi lam nishad ,6G welder 8 years expirience in abroad

  58. i’m a welder to… but i want to work abroad. can u help me..tnxs

  59. If i can avail the smaw plate training how much tuation fee and how many days training,,iam a welder fabricator,,i need more knowleged and certefecate,,

  60. 34 day DMAW NCI P12000

  61. 1g 2g 3g 4G 6g with chitar

  62. I love welding .
    ihave exp 5 Years of 1g- 4g welding in chennai

  63. i have a 5 year’s experience in tig&arc pipelines welding a all positions

  64. 6g weldar

  65. I have 18years experience iam 6g,6GR and 2g,3g,4g welder ihave all positions experience and sertificates. My service is running in npcc uae.

  66. Hi Good day, I’m Jeremiah Dickson from
    Nigeria I’m a pipe welder please i want lean more online please can’t it be posible? And i also want you to send me
    Some welding you have done so far

  67. 6g tig Waldar

  68. I am a work in Pakistan 8 yehars and 2 yehard in saudia arbia expires

  69. hi,my name is prince richard from nigeria.I base in lagos state.I’m a professional shielded metal arc welder on both plate and pipe.Need job anywhere in the globe,thanks for your concern.
    Contact me +2348161758086 or email me

  70. Tig welding all position

  71. Iam 4g welder.working in peekay steel pvt ltd.intrest for gulf country.pls vacancis send my mail. Thnk u.

  72. Iam foundry welder. 5years exprience.iam not fabrication welder pls i want basic,ful posisson welding training &book detials.

  73. I have experience of stick welding 1g 2g 3g 4g with 7018 rods. But I don’t have certificate

  74. Iam a qualified welder in one of the most popular pharmaceutical industries in nigeria, Iam interested in this area of 6g and other kind of welding, please, i need books videos or pictures that can help in my research and practicies. Thanks.

  75. i mean 3g and 6g..

  76. my is richard fabricator without any certificate, how can i get fabrication from your school.

  77. 6g 6gr need the video.

  78. I finish my training on pipe am looking for more experience in welding as a female welder

  79. 3G – Vertical position in Plate
    6G – 45 degrees inclined on pipe fixed

  80. my welder 3g are welder manoj kumar

  81. I am Rodrigues Matangui.
    II have 11 years experience, pipe welder…
    I like welding, for that I new opportunity.
    I can send you all my certifications and qualification.

  82. Welder 3g.4g
    and 6g.

  83. looking for a weldng jobs

  84. dear sir,
    i am verry hard working mam my exp. is 15 year my feucter in your hand pls. give me one chanc

  85. Hi my name is Alejandro Arcenas Jr. of Technological Education and Skills Development Authority, a Shielded Metal Arc Welding NCII at Talisay City Neg. Occ. Philippines…………….. I am a welder and I am proud to be a certified welder…….

  86. I m welder arc & mig. I have like job in gulf contry

  87. Super

  88. 1g2g3g4g5g6g pogisn

  89. Hi, what is cost for pipes welding inspection?

    I need international certification, for this job,,

    Where,how long it tack & when?



  90. Mean time I need contractor for pipes netwok to work in Erbil -Iraq

    Best regards

  91. I am a good welder. I have 8 years expense of welding.(1) In Singapore, Keppel Fels.4years, (2) Angola Bechtel L.N.G Project.2years (3) Rotary Engineering L.m.t. 2years, So I Have Pass 2G, 3G, 4G, 6G,And 6R, and. MIG, 2G,3G,and 3G up2dwon, inn PLANT, PIPEING, and PIPELINE shipeyard, and OllTank,( this is my phone num..01719833961.and my email.

  92. I am a good welder. I have 8 years Experience of welding.(1) In Singapore, Keppel Fels.4years, (2) Angola Bechtel L.N.G Project.2years (3) Rotary Engineering L.m.t. 2years, So I Have Pas, 2G, 3G, 4G, 6G,And 6GR, and. MIG, 2G,3G,and 3G up2dwon, in PLANT, PIPEING, and PIPELINE shipeyard, and OllTank,( this is my phone num..01719833961.and my email.

  93. I am a good welder. I have 8 years Experience of welding.(1) In Singapore, Keppel Fels.4years, (2) Angola Bechtel L.N.G Project.2years (3) Rotary Engineering LTD, 2years, So I Have Pas, 2G, 3G, 4G, 6G,And 6GR, and. MIG, 2G,3G,and 3G up2dwon, in PLANT, PIPEING, and PIPELINE shipeyard, and OllTank,( this is my phone num..01719833961.and my email.

  94. U R nema

  95. Keep The Remember
    HISTORY of Welding
    Metal Electrode Hero .in 1890. C.L Cpffin
    of Detroit w as aw arded the first u.s patent for an arc welding process using a metal electrode
    this w as the first record of the metal melted from
    the electrode carried across the arc to deposit filler
    metal in the joint to make a w eld.about the same time

  96. Hello, I would like to apply for the job position of Fabricator Welder. Please refer to the CV I have attached to this message. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  97. Belding formela

  98. I am mechanical engineer ( frome ignou new delhi i intrested in welding engineering . i have a work experince in 2year as a post of welding engineer . I am indian and i want to working gulf quentrise . My mob. No is 009634229332

  99. Pleace ager wellder ka job singapur&uae&dubai me ho to hame jarur bataye cantect no 9584512847&9554156950

  100. i have 10years experience 5g welding now working Kuwait oil field joint operation wafra (chevron) gud record safety no accident please requesting the job …..

  101. Thank sir/madam, I want to plead if i can get a clip for
    pipe and plate welding (1G 2G 3G 4G 5G and 6G)
    am still on training at Niger delta oil and gas technical

  102. vary good

  103. Am a nigerian ,I will soon be through with my plate and pipeline welding I need connections to be trained professionally and very importantly,I need a job

  104. i do not knowledge of all positions ,

    so i need a training and videos of

    all welding positions !

  105. good day sir, sir I am Mr Okwu Godswill Okechukwu, from Nigeria. please I will like to work in your establishment. thank you

  106. I am 7year experience in1G,2G,3G..6G
    Cannt job now i want to a job

  107. My name glen kayser from south africa i have over 20 years welding experience 1f,2f,3f,4f, 1g,2g,3g,4g;5g,6g plate and pipe argon root and stick root 7018 welding rod and i worked australia zambia botswana,and a few oil=rigs if you wanna become a good welder follow your heart and read a lots of books of welding then practise each day ?

  108. 1g 2g 3g 4g 5g 6g welding details please send me jasst now

  109. Dear sir ,
    I am applying for the post of welder (SMAW 5G and 6G) . I will appreciate being considered for the job . I possess the following qualifications: in mathematics,proficiency certificate in management,certificate of excellence in Human Resources and Skill Acquisition,certificate of excellence in ICT,and certificate of National service, NEBOSH and certified welding training with years of experience.
    I am sure that will find my qualification and experience profitable for your organization. I, therefore,sincerely look forward to attending an interview with you soon and eventually joining your aggressive team.
    My contact :+2347060536046, +2348127312009,
    Skype :martin.uzochukwu1

  110. I have 6years expires in 1g,2g,3g4g,5g,and 6g.welding in delta state nigeria.

  111. hi mr welders!!i got same tips about welding,iam a welder student with 3g and 3f qualified by SENAI FIEB from brazill i need to be qualified in 6gR or more than that.I need your help plz how and where can get a notse that will help me to know how to weld.Thank you.

  112. Job

  113. Welding

  114. Hello, my name is Rahmon Elegbede i wil to a in any country in world i am a 5g 6g 6gr welder in dormanlong Nigeria P L C pls if need a welder counter my Email Address, or phone number +2348138902573 or +2348126592304 i can work in Libya Qatar Oman Kuwait Canada Australia pls i need a job.

  115. needs information on welding technology.

  116. Am looking for arc welding . Tig .course form 1g to 6g in Hyderabad or around it ..please

  117. I’m 6g welder this my number +919884825192

  118. If a “horizontal” weld is at 0 degrees than at what degree would it become an uphill/downhill position? 15 degrees maybe?

  119. Thanks very much iam metal fabricater also involved in 6G i live PNG.

  120. am jobson usen am currently undergoing plate/pipe welding, right now am on 3g position pls i need your video and online enlighten on pipe thank u.

  121. 4 year Experience 1g 2g 3g 4g 5g 6g Mumbai home 🏠 town mumbra

  122. Am looking for a job.. Am A Pipe and Argon Welder… Certified Combination welder

  123. I have 2year experience in 3g 4g welding in singapore

  124. India walding

  125. Hi i m pradeep
    i wnt to knw abt 6g welding

  126. Good..

  127. Hi, In one of My project we are using Pipe to pipe connection with 6GR position with variable Thickness as per our AWS specification Figure 9.9 the maximum allowable various thickness shall be permitted as 3 mm only but we make a wps as 7.93mm based on the Figure 9.25 ( But in that figure it mentioned as minimum requirement as 3 mm only. Could you suggest the maximum allowable various thickness.

  128. 1G 2G 3G 4G 3years experience but BHEL 1years apprentice experience

  129. I need job as a weld or am instructor in all about tig and stick

  130. Sir I have 12 years experience in 3g and mig welding and fabrication.
    I am looking for job.

  131. Sir I have more then 12 years experience in 3g and mig welding and fabrication.
    I am looking for job.

  132. my sell no 7094537807

  133. Like these

  134. my namaes are emmanuel ateh musige from cameroon i wish to study weldin but i need a school over seas my number 00237691642690

  135. in pipeline construction and mainteneance

  136. Weldrng4g5g6g India Bangalore

  137. bhim Mall i am 1g 2g 3g 4g 5g 6g 6gr smaw welder pasport no. N 1333363
    cenar 8 years gulf experience
    mobile no . 07068069042
    u.p india

  138. I’m 6g and 6gr woldar and 10 year exp now i wark Dynamic engineering company

  139. Good day sir.
    ngayon ko lang nabuksan ang web ninyo at very interesting, last time ng nasa pinas pa kami ng pamilya ko,at that time i expend my life long year working abroad just the reason provide the family needs, and every time i went home i doing a welding course at Tisda , and when we reside in Australia and continue working as welder, i learn by my self here in australia that na pwedi palang maging inspector welder kapag familiar na sa yo lahat ng klase ng welding job , nga lang kailangan we have to back to school.
    Ang tanong ko po sir pwedi po ba makakuha sa inyo ng certificate nito at magkano naman po sir,
    salamat po hintay ko response ninyo.


  140. Would there be a placement after the training?

  141. Hai hau r you

  142. You attend the course and you will be given certificate of completion. Training fee is P9000

  143. We provide training only. thanks

  144. 2G,3G might walder

  145. I am trying to make a pressure vessle. having issues with welding a sump on a 6mm thick, 600mm OD pipe.
    issue is that the sump is pulling in once its been welded on to the pipe.
    i am welding the sump from inside first and then flushing it. and then welding it from outside.
    any suggestion how to stop that sump from pulling in.???

  146. I’m Gholam sarwar from Pakistan welder 2G 3G 4G 5G 5G 6G. 6GR.Tig plis SAMAW. I need to job. I in working to Saudi Arabia

  147. 8yr kerla job

  148. 3G Welder smaw

  149. Am from nigeria… Traine wit siapem contracting nig Ltd portharcourt branch holdin of 1G to4G weding experince……pipe-line and plate……..jobless for now

  150. I’m
    1g 2g 3g plate welding in United Arab Emirates 5years + running

  151. Welding i can do cutting. Granding.welding is my work i am like to it

  152. have 03 yrs exp in 1G welding in Singapore

  153. Am a Nigerian i love learn more about plate and pipe welding and also love to work in other to have more experience.thank you.

  154. pls I want to how to weld

  155. hi, you are welcome to enroll in Heats

  156. My job welder 3g 4g 5g c2 experience 11hears p 0563283655


  158. welder

  159. thanks for these important info.

  160. sir,
    I am iti pass(welding)also apprenticip complited.I want welding job as soon as.
    thank you.

  161. am a nigerian.just finished my higher national diploma here in,i want to know more about welding and fabrication.i need more experience that can help boost my curriculum vi-tee that will help me secure my future

  162. Abdul samad

  163. Name .Abhishek. kumar.singh.
    Positions.2g 3g 4g 5g 6g
    Experience.5 Years
    Welding.ncvt.iti.2015 .2016 complete
    Collage .prijat.pvt.iti.jamui.bihar. .surat.gujrat.india.

  164. My name is Emmanuel,am from Nigeria l just finished my training as a plate/pipeline welding some month ago l can weld all position without undercut or any troubleshouter such low penetration,porosity,slag inclusion,wrong fittop and so on.As l said l can weld all d,position such as 1G,2G,3G,4G,5G,6G and 6GR as a SMAW or Stick welder or MMAW.I no dat may welder is afraid to weld 4G bc of fire but to me nothing to fear just to apply d principle which is to supply close once u supply ur electrode close and set ur machine d molten metal will no drop on ur body.So pls l need job to improvr myself thank u.+2347037536702.

  165. i am is martin i enjoy welding stick and tig stick 1G – 4G tig 6G i am red seal pl send me video no how to weld 6GR and 5G thanks i am for south africa

  166. i am from south africa i am a red seal tig welder pl show me more sbout 6GR thank

  167. my name is Azeez am a welder as a professional I have Interest on 6g pipe welding

  168. I’m 16year welder in ongc contact all potion welding

  169. I am taking a 1g 3/8 MIG test with a 1/4 inch root opening with backing I’m looking for a good weld setting volts and wire speed.Doy have any suggestions

  170. Hi iam manas ranjan parida iam a 6g welder 8 year experience in odissa project

  171. Good sir/ma my names are: Utsugh joseph aondongu from Benue state live and work in Abuja as a welder I am good with stick and GMAW-MIG welding machine. Prasentry I am in portharcort going true a welding school where I am leaning plate and pipe at the some time
    My major consign is to be an international welder so I need head books, welding videos to support my leaning and I also need I job in welding work if it possible for to help me in any of this way I will be for ever grateful thanks

  172. I am a 6G & 6GR combination pipe welder wt 2years experience. Am also looking for a better company to display my skill as an Arc and Argon welder.

  173. welder_smaw_3G,4G,6G,6GR,all/ fcaw_3G,4G,6G,all/aluminium mig_3G,4G,all/ working dubai drydocks world 7 years /qatar n.kom 1 years & now steel Singapore jurong integrated structure shipyard/new passport no AG 3602827/con 6590823720/ 8801792076487

  174. Kappa hrusikesh reddy

  175. Thank’s about all information

  176. Ut joint kya hota h please muJhe bata do sir

  177. i am tig and arc welder pipeline welder my experience 6 years and 2 years galf my ranging work vision world engineering llc ajman dubai

  178. Welding ditells

  179. Arc weldar testing

  180. Hi, i really like to learn how to weld, but i got thyroid problem (Goiter) is it possible or is there a problem inhaling the fumes that can cause my “Goiter” to get worst? If not, let me know, i like enroll.

  181. i think you need to ask your dotor

  182. Hi
    Mohit Kumar
    Pips line 6g 5g experience 6years to Keral

  183. I Want To Work With U Poeple . Here Is My Contact 09026995189

  184. smaw=3g,4g,6g,6gr,al­l/fcaw=3f,4f,3g,4g,6g,all/­aluminium=1f,2f,3f,4f­,1g,2g,3g,4g,all/ working drydocksworld dubai 7 year/ qatar n.kom=1 year /and now steel Singapore jurong shippy ard/and my con-no=sg +6590823720/bd+8801792076487/ and new passport no, AG 3602827

  185. Hello, I Eric lm frm Ghana i wnt know more about welding. 1G 2G 3G 4G 5G 6G

  186. 3g4g and6g velding

  187. good jobs

  188. I want 3g 4g welders arc 6 nos my contacat no 9840718604

  189. Sir mai iti ke bad apprenticeship kiya h . Aur ab 3g testing pas Karne ke liye kha test dilaye.

  190. is welding school in india?

  191. this is cool! but I don’t know if any of u can help me with a job I recide here in Nigeria; and I have one year experience in plate and pipe welding; here is my gmail

  192. philippines

  193. Hi am a 2g, 3g & 6g welder and ect machinery knowledge . experience 8 years . Any vacancy for me pls tell me . 95438 38816

  194. Good information, pls keep it up

  195. Hello sir
    My name DILSHAD ALAM

  196. Hello sir
    My name DILSHAD ALAM
    Mobile number 9117413155

  197. Mobile number 9117413155

  198. I am 6G 6Gr smaw welder

  199. hi am Felix Amolo Onyango,from Kenya and am corrently treaning as a plate and pipe welder .so I want to know how I can be connected with other professional and in also need job

  200. Am Lambi from Cameroon, just completed my training on 1G – 4G on plates and 6G on pipes am looking forward to perfecting my just acquired skills and why not enrolling for another training session with you! Thanks

  201. You are welcome to joining any of our courses sir.

  202. Morning I’m south African welder do u have any branch in south Africa

  203. we dont have branch in Africa sir

  204. It’s difficult to find experienced people on this subject,
    but you seem like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

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