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  1. How many Welding Processes so far in the Industry? What are they?

  2. There 7 Welding Processes, these are;

    1. Arc Welding
    2. Solid State Welding
    3. Resistance Welding
    4. Brazing
    5. Oxyfuel Gas Welding
    6. Soldering
    7. Other Welding Processes

  3. In Arc Welding Processes, it is subdivided into following processes;

    1. Atomic Hydrogen Welding (AHW)
    2. Bare Metal ARc Welding (BMAW)
    3. Carbon Arc Welding (CAW)
    -gas (CAW-G)
    -shielded (CAW-G)
    -twin (CAW-T)
    4. Electroslag Welding (EGW)
    5. Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)
    6. Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)
    -pulsed arc (GMAW-P)
    -short circuiting arc (GMAW-S)
    7. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW or TIG)
    – pulsed arc (GTAW-P)
    8. Plasma Arc Welding (PAW)
    9. Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)
    10. Stud Arc Welding (SW)
    11. Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)
    -series (SAW-S)

  4. The most commonly used processes in the industry are:

    1. SMAW
    2. GMAW
    3. GTAW
    4. FCAW
    5. SAW

  5. What is WQT Means?

  6. WQT means Welder’s Qualification Test
    WPS means Welding Procedure Specification
    PQR means Procedure Qualification Record
    GTAW means Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
    SMAW means Shielded Metal Arc Welding
    FCAW means Flux Cored Arc Welding
    GMAW means Gas Metal Arc Welding
    SAW mean Submerged Arc Welding

  7. What are the types of weld?

  8. The types of weld are:
    1. Butt Weld
    2. Fillet Weld
    3. Edge Weld
    4. Spot Weld

  9. What are the types of Joints?

  10. The Types of Joints are:
    1. Butt Joint
    2. Tee Joint
    3. Corner Joint
    4. Lap Joint

  11. What are the causes of Porosities?

  12. Some Possible Causes of Porosities are:

    1. Wet Electrode
    2. Heavy Wind
    3. Moisture in the base metal
    4. Rains
    5. Dust
    6. Nitrogen & hydrogen absorption in the weld pool due to poor gas shielding
    7. Grease and oil on base metals
    8. coating on base metal

  13. What are the causes of Hydrogen Cracking?

  14. Thre are three factors that causes hydrogen cracking, these are:

    1. Hydrogen generated by the welding process
    2. Hard brittle structure (of base metal)
    3. Residual stresses acting on the weld joint

  15. How to avoid Hydrogen Cracking?

  16. To avoid Hydrogen Cracking the following shall be done:

    1. Clean the join and remove all contaminants
    2. Use low hydrogen electrodes
    3. Bake the low hydrogen electrodes/fluxes
    4. Ensure correct joint design (avoid large root gaps and high restraints
    5. Preheat joints
    6. Control Preheat/Interpass temperature
    7. Conduct PWHT immediately

  17. What are the types of Testing?

  18. The Types of Testing are:

    1. Quantitative Testing
    2. Qualitative Testing

  19. What are the Non-Destructive Testig Methods?

  20. The NDT Methods are:
    1.) Ultrasonic Testing
    2.) Magnetic Particle Testing
    3.) Pentrant Testing
    4.) Radiographic Testing
    5.) Eddy Current Testing

  21. What are the Principles of these NDT MEthods?

  22. Principle of Ultrasonic Testing

    High frequency sound waves are sent into a material by use of a transducer. The sound waves travel through the material and are received by the same transducer or a second transducer. The amount of energy transmitted or received and the time the energy is received are analyzed to determine the presence of flaws. Changes in material thickness, and changes in material properties can also be measured.

  23. Principle of Magnetic Particle Testing

    A magnetic field is established in a component made from ferromagnetic material. The magnetic lines of force travel through the material, and exit and reenter the material at the poles. Defects such as crack or voids cannot support as much flux, and force some of the flux outside of the part. Magnetic particles distributed over the component will be attracted to areas of flux leakage and produce a visible indication.

  24. Principle of Penetrant Testing

    Penetrant solution is applied to the surface of a precleaned component. The liquid is pulled into surface-breaking defects by capillary action. Excess penetrant material is carefully cleaned from the surface. A developer is applied to pull the trapped penetrant back to the surface where it is spread out and forms an indication. The indication is much easier to see than the actual defect.

  25. Principle of Radiographic Testing

    X-rays are used to produce images of objects using film or other detector that is sensitive to radiation. The test object is placed between the radiation source and detector. The thickness and the density of the material that X-rays must penetrate affects the amount of radiation reaching the detector. This variation in radiation produces an image on the detector that often shows internal features of the test object.

  26. Principle of Eddy Current Testing

    Alternating electrical current is passed through a coil producing a magnetic field. When the coil is placed near a conductive material, the changing magnetic field induces current flow in the material. These currents travel in closed loops and are called eddy currents. Eddy currents produce their own magnetic field that can be measured and used to find flaws and characterize conductivity, permeability, and dimensional features.

  27. Advantages and Dis-advantages of these NDT Methods

    Penetrant Testing
    Large surface areas or large volumes of parts/materials can be inspected rapidly and at low cost.

    Parts with complex geometry are routinely inspected.

    Indications are produced directly on surface of the part providing a visual image of the discontinuity.

    Equipment investment is minimal.

    Detects only surface breaking defects.

    Surface preparation is critical as contaminants can mask defects.

    Requires a relatively smooth and nonporous surface.

    Post cleaning is necessary to remove chemicals.

    Requires multiple operations under controlled conditions.

    Chemical handling precautions are necessary (toxicity, fire, waste).

  28. Magnetic Particle Tesing
    Large surface areas of complex parts can be inspected rapidly.

    Can detect surface and subsurface flaws.

    Surface preparation is less critical than it is in penetrant inspection.

    Magnetic particle indications are produced directly on the surface of the part and form an image of the discontinuity.

    Equipment costs are relatively low.

    Only ferromagnetic materials can be inspected.

    Proper alignment of magnetic field and defect is critical.

    Large currents are needed for very large parts.

    Requires relatively smooth surface.

    Paint or other nonmagnetic coverings adversely affect sensitivity.

    Demagnetization and post cleaning is usually necessary.

  29. Ultrasonic Testing

    Depth of penetration for flaw detection or measurement is superior to other methods.

    Only single sided access is required.

    Provides distance information.

    Minimum part preparation is required.

    Method can be used for much more than just flaw detection.

    Surface must be accessible to probe and couplant.

    Skill and training required is more extensive than other technique.

    Surface finish and roughness can interfere with inspection.

    Thin parts may be difficult to inspect.

    Linear defects oriented parallel to the sound beam can go undetected.

    Reference standards are often needed.

  30. Eddy Current Testing

    Detects surface and near surface defects.

    Test probe does not need to contact the part.

    Method can be used for more than flaw detection.

    Minimum part preparation is required.

    Only conductive materials can be inspected.

    Ferromagnetic materials require special treatment to address magnetic permeability.

    Depth of penetration is limited.

    Flaws that lie parallel to the inspection probe coil winding direction can go undetected.

    Skill and training required is more extensive than other techniques.

    Surface finish and roughness may interfere.

    Reference standards are needed for setup.

  31. Radiographic Testing

    Can be used to inspect virtually all materials.

    Detects surface and subsurface defects.

    Ability to inspect complex shapes and multi-layered structures without disassembly.

    Minimum part preparation is required.

    Extensive operator training and skill required.

    Access to both sides of the structure is usually required.

    Orientation of the radiation beam to non-volumetric defects is critical.

    Field inspection of thick section can be time consuming.

    Relatively expensive equipment investment is required.

    Possible radiation hazard for personnel.

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  33. Thanks Juliet. This section of our website is really for technical question. You can post your questions here about welding technology and we will try to answer it as far as we know.

  34. hi every body

  35. hello sonsaw, thanks for coming by

  36. Hi, I to know if your school can conduct and issue a welders WQT? If it does how much will it cost me, or how many hours will it take to finished the test?

  37. Hi Teddy, thanks for coming by. I already emailed you the details. Thank you.

  38. pls explain the simple method for approval of 6G welder test by the surveyor.

  39. Hi shafy thanks for coming by. please refer to ASME IX. its very straight forward. thanks

  40. what is platerwelder means? is it there big difference of a welding process plate welder?

  41. A plate welder is a welder who is only qualified to weld on plates/structures at 1F, 2F, 3F, 4F, 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G position.

  42. —hi ask ko lng meron b kaung night sked,kasi gsto ko mag enroll kso me trabho lng ako!

  43. Hi Deo, thanks for coming by. sa ngayon ala pa kaming night shift kasi ikaw pa lang nag inquire about night shift. taga saan ka ba Deo? dito ka lang ba sa Tarlac?

  44. Hi. Matagal ko na po gusto kumuha ng welding course para makapagtrabaho sa abroad para naman guminhawa ang buhay. Kaso nalilito po ako kung ano uunahin kong i-take up. SMAW, GMAW, GTAW? pwede po ba pa-send ng details sa email? Like requirements, tuition fee per course, schedule, etc. Tska meron po ba matutuluyan dyan ng mga students na galing sa malayo? thanks and more power!

  45. what is 4G welding??????

  46. pls check this url https://heatsschoolofweldingtechnology.wordpress.com/2009/04/27/4g-welding-position/

  47. hello po! ask ko lang po kung nag co-conduct at nag i-issue po kayo ng welder’s WQT. if yes, magkano po? thanks so much!

  48. Hi Peter, salamat sa pagbisita mo. Oo nag ka conduct kami ng WQT, witnessed po ng third party inspector at under ng third party inspection company yung WQT. P500 lang po per test ang bayad, pero sa Third Party kayo magbabayad hindi sa amin. thanks.

    ang email ng third party inspection company ay corroweld@yahoo.com

  49. Hi Good Day!
    Ask ko lang po kung ano ang ginagawa ng WELDING INSPECTOR? kailangan ba marunong mag welding kapag welding inspector ka? Im Computer Engineer but i want to shift in welding since ito ang indemand ngaun…

  50. Hi Edison, the main responsibilities of Welding Inspector are Inspection before welding ,during welding and after welding. You dont need to be awelder to become a welding inspector but it will be a great help as Welding Inspector kung marunong kang mag welding. thanks

  51. good day sir , i would like to inquire what are the requirements for the welding inspectors course and when is the schedule … thanks

  52. Good day sir, pwde po ba mag take ng W.Q.T kung ###.A.W NC 1 lang po natapos ko……..thanks po and GOD BLESS PO….

  53. Hi Marlon, pwede ka mag take ng WQT kaht SMAW NC I lang natapos mo, ang qualification mo nga lang ay Plate Welder (3G or 4G) pero dapat maipasa mo ang test bago ka makakuha ng WQT. May CSWIP WQT kami (UK Certification) pero P9,500/WQT ang bayad at may schedule kami sa April 5, 2010. Pero dapat talagang ready ka para di sayang ang pera mo. Kasi di ka makakakuha ng WQT kung babagsak ka sa assessment. Regards,

  54. Sir,
    anong technique po kadalasan ang ginagamit sa aircraft welding?

  55. mayroon na po ba nung 3M spedglass sa pinas?

  56. Maraming process ang pwede gamitin sa Aircraft welding. Pwedeng friction welding, resistance welding, gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW or TIG), gas metal arc welding (GMAW or MIG), Laser beam welding, electron beam welding at plasma arc welding (PAW).

  57. di pa po ako nakakita pero marami na pong auto darkening welding mask dito

  58. hi. gusto ko po sana maging isang mahusay na welder. Wala pa po akong experience sa pagwewelding. Gusto ko po sana magtraining sa mga courses ninyo kaso hindi ko po alam kung anu dapat kong kunin. Sa totoo lang po gusto ko kunin na training sa pagwewelding ung garantisado po na magkakatrabaho po ako para hindi po masayang ang pera at panahon at gusto ko po rin malaman kung ilang buwan upang makompleto ang kabuuan ng training para malaman ko kailan ko magagamit ito sa actual na trabaho. Sana po matulangan niyo po ako. gusto ko po gumaling sa larangan ito…more power!

  59. Hi Zeus, thanks for your interest sa courses namin.
    Pwede ka naming gawing maging MAHUSAY na welder. Ngunit dahil ala ka pang experience sa larangan ng welding, kailangan mo ng mag-umpisa sa una.
    1st step: Kunin mo ang SMAW NC I – 268 hrs (34 days) – P12,000 o para makatipid ka, kunin mo ang Basic Welding Course – 6 days – P5,000. Pre-requisite, none
    2nd step: Kunin mo ang SMAW NC II -268 hrs (34 days) – P22,000 – Pre-requisite, SMAW NC I or Basic Welding Course.
    3rd step: Kunin mo ang GTAW NC II – 268 hrs (34 days) – P30,000 – Pre-requisite, SMAW NC II
    4th step: Apply ka as a welder kahit saang fabrication firms sa Pinas
    5th step: Pag may 2 years experience ka na, apply ka na sa abroad and that will be teh start of your highly paid welding career.

  60. taga bagong silangan quezon city po ako.kailan po i mean is another schedule for the classes of SMAW

  61. Hi Danilo, you can enroll anytime. We have a weekly schedule available. thanks

  62. Sir pedro,

    warm greetings !

    ask ko lang po pwede din po ba akong maging welder inspector kung computer science graduate po ako at wala pa akong experience job as welder pero tumatanggap naman po ako ng sideline welding jobs privately at mas malaki po ba ang income ng welder inspector kesa welder sa middle east at western.

  63. Hi Glen. You are qualified to take our welding inspector’s course. Actually engineering graduates or 3rd year engineering ang prefered lang namin kasi mas madaling pumasok as welding inspector kugn graduate ka ng engineering. May risk ka nga lang sa pagsisimula ng welding inspector career dahil iba ang kurso mo. pero lahat naman nagsisimula sa zero kaya okay lang. Suggestion ko, pagkakuha mo ng welding inspector course namin, kuha ka rin ng NDT Courses then mag apply ka as NDT Assistant sa mga NDT Companies as a start for your welding inspection career.

  64. Sir pedro,

    Thanks po sa reply… parehas po kc maganda ang job na welder at inspector… sa experience nyo ba at maipapayo nyo:

    #1 : alin po ang mas indemand sa dalawang job
    ang maging WELDER or INSPECTOR?

    #2 : cno po ang mas may mataas na sinasahod
    sa dalawa.

    Thanks po sir jose.

  65. Both are in demand. Welding Inspector ay mas mataas ang sahod

  66. how much is the tuition for a welding couse?

  67. SMAW NC I – P12,000
    SMAW NC II – P22,000
    GTAW NC II – P30,000

  68. hi,

    interested po ako mag – aral meron po ba kau malapit dito sa manila..

    i want to work po kasi sa abroad

  69. dito lang po kami sa Tarlac eh. ok naman po dito dahil libre ang boarding house at mura ang tuition fee

  70. very useful,
    can any one tell me were to go to for a technical assistance agreement to set up a welding traing center for my company.
    from curriculum to final certification and ability to graduate top notch welders.
    thank you

  71. Hi Mohamed, we can do that service for you. regards

  72. hi,
    interested po ako kumuha ng any related inspection course like welding insp. course, corrosion eng’g, paint inspector atbp. at a minimum 5days/40hrs. magbabakasyon ako by in 3weeks period lang jan.23, 2011, need 2 know as early as now kung pwede po bang malaman ano possible courses makukuha ko sa pag-uwi ko. sa la union po hometown ko. inspection tech/plant inspector present work. asnt level2 in ut,pt,mt,rt, at mpl. BSCE grad.

  73. Our Coating Inspector for 2011 will be done in a monthly basis every 2nd week of any month.
    Our Welding Inspector will be on Jan 3-7, June 2011 and Dec 2011.


  74. hi,

    i want to learn how to weld aluminum like engine block and plates, and stich weld automobile body panels and car chassis made of g.i./cromoly or steel.
    do you have a couse for me?
    and one more thing, my only available day is wednesday, do you have schedule for a weekly basis class?

  75. nice welding school im also admire this school in producing high caliber welder and welding inspection personnel.

  76. thanks richard

  77. hi, If I’m not a degree holder but I hae certificates in SMAW NCI,SMAW NCII and GTAW NCII will I be qualified to enroll in your NDT Training course?and could you kindly explain all the details in enrolling to NDT. gusto ko kc talagang mag stuy ng NDT , pls. indicate all the expenses that I have to pay sa COMPLETE NDT course… thanks

  78. yes you are qualified.

  79. good day sir,

    After taking the Welding Inspector Training/Class,can I take CISWIP certification for Level 1 Welding Inspector right away?
    Can you please sir explain to me what are the process so that I can take the CISWIP Certification exam?

  80. Hi Rex,
    Our course is actually a preparatory course to prepare trainees who plan to take cswip. Even you don’t take our course you can directly take cswip however, very risky kasi mahal ang bayad at sayang pera mo pag bumagsak ka. so mas maganda kung mag take ka ng mga local course para at least ma review ka.

  81. good day sir,

    magtatanong lang po ako about sa welding inspector course niyo. kung monthly ba ang offer niyo sa welding inspection course, puede bang ako lang magisa kung wala akong makasama magenroll o kailangan ko pa maghintay na may makasama.limited kasi vacation leave ko, at magkano po ang mababayaran ko at may matuloyan ba ako jan sa tarlac if possible na magenroll ako, from mindanao p kasi ako.kelangan ko kasi magupgrade. NDT technician po ako ngaun.

    Thank you..

  82. Sa June and December 2011 po ang next course namin sa WI. May mga borading houses po sa harap namin.

  83. Hi, which courses do I need to be able to attain the skills to make sidecars for Tricycles?



  84. SMAW NCI is enough for the welding of tricycle. regards… however, on the fabrication of tricycle, you need to have actual experience in a tricycle fabrication shop. regards

  85. I am working here in Abu Dhabi in Oil and Gas Industry, i want to know if you could offer online study for CWI and how?Basically, I have been work in the Philippine as a welder and sometimes even here I applied my skill when necessary as the necessity arises. Can you give me a better idea how will I get CWI while I’m working here in abroad? I just want to upgrade my professional aptitude and to find better job opportunity.

  86. Hi! anong course ang pwedeng kunin kung gusto mong mag apply as welder dito sa canada and kung wala kang alam being welder? how much ? and yung schedule for december 2011? please let me know. thank you very much.. cherry

  87. hi! tanong ko lang po if natapos na po ba yung course may continious practical training po ba kayo para di po makalimutan yung inaral at para ma gamay din po yung course na kinuha para pag dating po dito sa canada alam po ang gagawin kung gusto pong maging welder?? thank you po.. cherry

  88. Pwede po kayong magtuloy tuloy na mag practice at different cost. Daily po ang cost namin sa practice welding.
    Ang practice po sa SMAW Plate ay P1,000 per day, yun pong SMAW Pipe ay P1,500 per day. yun naman pong TIG Welding ay P2,666/day. thanks

  89. this is maureen from mgs corporation, we are currently hiring for local employment of MIG Welder Position which will be based in Cavite area.
    If possible could your good office can recommend applicants which willing to be based in our Plant.
    for other informations please visit our site http://mgsbuildingsolutions.com/main/
    thank you much


  90. hi.. sorry i have no background in welding. but I want to learn. so ano po ung best course n pwedeng kunin muna. at ano po ung pag kakasunod sunod ng course from beginers to expertising? thanks

  91. Hi, dahil no welding background ka, simula ka sa Basic Welding (6 day @ P6,000) or SMAW NCI (34 days @ P12,000) then take SMAW NCII (34 days P21,000) then take GTAW NCII (34 days @ P34,000).


  92. hello po! merry christmas po sa inyong lahat jan… tanong ko lang po kong may enrollment kayo ng April 2012?

  93. hello, meron po. monday to saturday po enrollment namin. every lunes ang simula ng klase. thanks

  94. pano po malalalama kung talagang nakapasa na ang isang tao sa TESDA, pano makokontak ang TESDA pede bang sa intenet malaman ibibgay lang ang NC—?

  95. Hi! i’m willie fernando if your school can conduct and issue a WQT certificate how much will it cost and how many hrs will it take to finished the test. para maging ganap ako na welder. actually i’m planing to work in DUBAI. my brother is an aircraft mechanic in DUBAI nsa emirates company, i know how to perform arc, gas, tig, welding gusto k lang na ma practice ulit matagal n kc ako hindi nag welding. mga pyesa daw kc ng plain ang e welding. san ba ako ku2ha para ma practise k ulit ang welding.



  96. hello po sir im allan gusto ko po sanang mag take ng aws cwi course yong exam fee ay 2,200dollars kailan po ba kayo meron sched. sa pinas

  97. Wala pa po kmi schedule kasi nhirapan kmi last year sa pagbuo ng participants. Kokonti po kc mga enolees. Under review po ulit

  98. Hello poh ano po ang NDT?

  99. Non Destructive Testing

  100. Example of NDT Processes:
    Ultrasonic Testing
    Magnetic Particle Testing
    Penetrant Testing
    Radiographic Testing

  101. hey guys! I am dam looking for an online training school that offers SMAW welding courses, Email through nchifen@yahoo.com,

  102. what is the difference b/w plant piping and on plot piping?

  103. 1. Anong tawag sa position sa welding industry ang may pinaka malaking sahod? (land based)

    2. Anong dapat i-take/ gawin para maging qualified sa ganyang position?

    Ako po ay walang background sa welding pero decided na po mag iba ng career dahil talaga namang ang laki ng kita ng mga welder abroad at in demend ang ganitong trabaho. Salamat po!

  104. Kung may 6G at 6GR ka, the best yun, pero kahit may 6G ka lang in SMAW, GTAW CS, at GTAW SS okay na ok na yun

    para makuha mo qualification na ganun:
    1. Take Basic Welding
    2. Take SMAW NCII
    3. Take GTAW NCII
    4. Take TIG Stainless Steel

  105. Salamat po sa pag sagot. Lahat po ba ng course na ito ay ino-offer sa HEAT?

  106. Gusto ko po sanang magaral ng welding pero meron na po akong experience. 1st year high school lang po ang natapos ko, hindi po ako maruno mag english pero may kakayahan naman po ako sa welding at tig-welding, gusto ko po kasing mag ibang bansa. Sana po matulungan nyo po ako. Ginamit ko lng po ung email ng anak ko . salamat po.

  107. yes except 6GR

  108. Pwede po kayong mag aral sa amin kahit 1st year high school lang natapos nyo.

  109. Sir, there are categories of welding inspectors such as level 1,2…(am I right?)
    how to avail these categories then?


  110. sir,klan magstart enrollment nyo for August sched for Welding inspector course?nandito kc me sa UAE at plano ko kc magbkasyon this coming July 30.I am piping material controller here in UAE..mechanical engineering undegradn (3yrs),qualified ba ako kumuha ng course nyo (WI)?ano mga requirements for enrollment?thnks & more power to HSWT!!

  111. You can enroll anytime starting today. Call/text us at +639054140543 – look for Grace

  112. sir, good day po, interesado po ako sa Painting Inspector Course,after po ba ng basic course anu dapat na kasunod na training if any?

  113. ala na pong kasunod yun sa Heats yun. The next one will be International licensure like BGAS 2 or NACE 1/2

  114. ask lng po aq sa GTAW NCII nyo na worth 30k, free na ba ang materials na gagamitin?

  115. 34K po. Yes materials included na po.

  116. Has anyone ever seen a weling test using 2″ super coupons beveled 37.5 degrees and a restrictor ring for 6GR? I have seen only one example and it was on 6inch pipe only one side beveled? I need to know where to attach ring for the test. Thanks

  117. check Figure 4.27 of AWS D1.1 Test Joint for TKY

  118. hello po. tanong ko lang po pagtapos ng training mo automatic may work na po?

  119. wala pong automatic na work. kailangan nyo pong mag apply personally. thanks

  120. Hi po,I,m new to this (welding course)and interested,what should I enroll first to be able to apply abroad as a certified welder? thank you!

  121. We suggest, you do the following steps:
    Step 1 – Take Basic Welding – 6 days – P6,000
    Step 2 – Take SMAW NCII – 34 days – P21,000
    Step 3 – Take GTAW NCII – 34 days – P34,000

    Once you have your GTAW NCII, it’s very easy for you to look for job.


  122. sir…
    my qualification po bah ang pag kuha ng SAW?
    meron po bng SAW sa manila branch nyo.

  123. Wala po kming SAW. d kc in demand

  124. eh ung sa tarlac branch nyo po??
    welding engineering technology po kc course q,..
    guz2 q sana madagdagan ng SAW,,
    hnd po kc kasali,..
    kung wala po sa inyo, pwd po magtanong kung anong school nag oofer ng SAW, tnx more power sa inyo,..

  125. Wala pong nag oofer sa pinas ng SAW. Tnx. Meron po sa US

  126. hello po,wla po ba kayong branch ng skul nyo dito sa region 2?

  127. wala po, dito pa lang sa Tarlac po and soon Manila thanks

  128. hi po;pwede pong magtanong bakit po ba nagkakaroon cracking ,holes, cavities,at slag inclusions pag nagwewelding, pwede po bang paki sagot one by one in english pls; maramimg salamat po

  129. what is the pay in american dollars per week?
    or canadian

  130. Gud afternoon Sir Pedro,
    Ask k0 lng p0 if i have a certicate of basic welding then SMAW NCII. do i have a change to w0rk abr0ad with0ut experience?

  131. hi..ronel po ng sorsogon..tanong ko lang po kung may branch n po kau s manila?free boarding house p po ba kayo s tarlac?ty po!

  132. hello po 🙂 I am an OFW and I`m planning to get my hubby here in Canada..but we decided n mag take muna xa ng welding courses.. meron po b kaung full course n po ng welding and how long it takes po..thank you and more power 🙂

  133. Hi, yun pong mga pumupunta ng \Canada, they star with Basic Welding Course 6 days hen SMAW NCII 34 days then GTAW NCII 34 days.


  134. I am Sandy Cecilio po. I want to avail the welding inspector training course but I have some clarifications po. After the training course, you will issue certificate that I finish the said training, but not certificate that I am already a certified welding inspector? Kindly confirm po. Thank you

  135. hi i would like to the application of all weld positions… can u reply me soon??

  136. On hold po manila namin. may mga boarding houses po sa harap namin

  137. Hello po sa Heat welding company and to all welders and welders to be,

    I have 4G SMAW tickets at mayroon kaunting experience po sa TIG process. Gusto kung maging TIG/SMAW Pipe welder, anung course and dapat kung kunin. Ano po ang schedule nitong 2014 at magkano po. Salamat ng marami

  138. all year round po schedule namin pwera holidays at Dec24-Jan2

  139. Please tell me some types of destructive testing and their advantages and disadvantages

  140. hi,
    interested po ako kumuha ng any related inspection course like welding insp. course and NDT tecnician. available pa ba yung schedule nyo sept. 1-5 2014 for welding insp.? how about NDT technician?. with course certificate? sa pangasinan po hometown ko. QA/QC asst. present work. Mechanical engineering Tech. grad.

  141. Dear Sir, Inquire lang po. Meron po ba kayo degree course na inooffer dyan? My son will finish grade 12 next yr. He is a filipino citizen but grew up here in U.A.E. Thanks

  142. wala pa po mam, we hope na maka open din kami ng Diploma in Welding Technology in the future at Diploma in Non Destructive Testing

  143. yes. on hold po NDT namin ngayon kasi outstation Level III namin.

  144. ask lng po kung anu puidi ko gawin 5 yrs experience po ako abroad with WQT 6G SMAW FCAW.high skul grad……puidi po bh ako sa NDT???

  145. msg nyo po ako through fb f qulified ako 4 NDT>>>>>

  146. Pwede po

  147. Do you train welders to European BS EN 287 standards?

  148. As per ASME IX

  149. Is a fillet weld on a tee joint considered a flat weld or a horizontal weld?

  150. Depend on how the position is.

  151. Hi good afternoon! I am Francis, a Piping Engineer. Would like to inquire in your office if how much would be the cost of Welding Inspection training including exams for CSWIP 3.1 or 3.2. Where is the venue? How long will takes? I need this certification as sooniest. Thank you.

  152. what are the most in demand welding processes when working abroad, and what kinds of working environments you’ll be dealing with depending on the welding skill/process that you have choose?

  153. TIG & SMAW Combination

  154. P9,000 for local Welding Inspector course. We do not do CSWIP exam certification but under (Philippine Welders and fitters Society) PWFS CWI Certification

  155. What procedure to calculate pre heat and interpass temp value?
    Any formula of Pre heat?
    Any formula of inter pass temp?

  156. Nagha2nap ako ng weldel kahit my expirience lang minimum ang sahod.kung gusto mung mahasa sa pag welding .para mka kuha knang expirience

  157. Good Day Sir. itatanong ko lang po sana kung may posibilidad akong maging isang mahusay dn na welder kahit may panginginig ang kamay ko (pasmado) Sir nka pag take na po ko ng 1yr course sa Kolehiyo Welding Tech. po ang major msasabi kong may experience na ko subalit aminado ako akong di pa ko ganon kagaling at mdami ng alam as a welder. may future po ba ang isang kagaya kong nanginginig ang kamay pag hawak ko na po kse yung holder nararamdamam ko. salamat po.

  158. What are electron and laser beam weldings, and what is importance of such weldings in oil and gas industries? Please name other important weldings in oil and gas.😊😊

  159. Pwede po bang pumasok kahit high school graduate lng?
    May entrance exam. Po ba? Kung meron po saan at kaylan?

  160. Pwede po

  161. Pwede po

  162. What is the difference of boilermaker and welder?

  163. Fasasi Tajudeen Abioye

  164. Dear Sir,
    I was trained at craft level for three years in General Welding about thirty-two years ago. During this period, I have worked for various organizations as welder and fabricator during which I also attended Diploma Courses in Mechanical Engineering of which welding and fabrication is part.

    I am currently working for a Higher Technical Institution in my country as Technologist teaching students Workshop Technology and Practice of which Welding and Fabrication is inclusive.

    Please, may I know if I am qualified for any of your training programes in various welding processes in view of my background in basic welding processes? If I am qualified, what would be the grade of certificate I would be awarded after training? Already, I am a holder of Higher National Diploma (HND) and Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Mechanical Engineering (Production).

    Thanks for your immediate perusal Sir.

  165. Looking for some weld specs on volts an amps for mig an flux core welding in the 1g 2g 3g an 4g.

  166. How much the enrollment fee,then how long to school sir

  167. Good day Heats!

    May I inquire for the details of Welding Inspector’s training. I am currently working here in Davao and I want to know on how to apply for the training and when is the training.

    Also, what certification would I get after I completed the training. is it the CSWIP 3.1 certification?

    Hoping for your response. thanks

    Best Regards from Davao,

    Ruel Carlo L. Cadano

  168. Local training lang po. Pls book at 09054140543. Our next schedule os feb 20-24

  169. For what course sir

  170. Sir gd am po paano po makakuha ng wqt mig welder

  171. Ask kulang kung nag bibigay din po kayo ng d1.1 at wqt.pag nakapasa sa assestment thanks.

  172. yes po

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