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The picture below shows a Welder’s Qualification Test (WQT) on 6G position using GTAW Process on a  Stainless

6G Welding Position using GTAW Process on 6 inch Stainless Steel

6G Welding Position using GTAW Process on 6 inch Stainless Steel




  1. I would like to know more about welding procedure. I have a little in welding but not too much. I am applying for machinist in a seafarer but the problem is the employer asked me to learn more in welding jobs thats why I would like to know how can I be learn this jobs can you tell me what will I do to learn and to become a certified welder? Thank you very much and more power to you.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Sonny E. Candelario

  2. Hi Sonny, thanks for coming by. For you to become a certified welder, you need to undergo training (and that is what we are offering). But you will only learn about welding procedure once you take a welding inspector’s course. WPS is just basic in Welders course. thanks

  3. Hello, i would like to ask something that has me confused for sometime.

    If i have a welder with WQT-ASME IX, 6G, GTAW 1″ and above. Can he weld the root pass of a 4″ pipe with GTAW? The hotpass and capping shall be completed by another welder with SMAW process, according to approved WPS.

  4. i wanna learn more abt weldig

  5. i wanna job in basic arc welding n salary….

  6. how can i see the list of graduates in bataan about welding???

  7. Please,i wanna learn more about 6g welding and how they are categorize.

  8. hi, you can enroll to Heats so that you will learn more on 6G. regards

  9. good day ask ko lng kung mag kano ang training fee ng gtaw pipe

  10. GTAW NCII – P34,000 for 34 days

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