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4G Welding Position

A trainee in 4G Welding Position

A trainee in 4G Welding Position

Overhead Welding Position (4G) is one of the hardest position in plate welding. Overhead position is used on fixed structure wherein you don’t have any choice as a welder bu to weld it overhead. Some contractors, espcially those who have a neophyte welders tend to postion their structrure either in vertical or horizontal postion for easiness and to avoid the difficult overhead postion.

Once you are qualified to 4G, you can easiy qualify in 3G and 2G. If you are qualified in 2G, 3G and 4G, then you can weld structural in all position (groove or fillet).

You can also learn the pipe welding easily if you know how to weld in overhead postion since pipe welding includes overhead, vertical and horizontal position.


  1. […] 4G Welding Position « Heats School of Welding Technology Inc …Overhead Welding Position (4G) is one of the hardest position in plate welding. Overhead position is used on fixed structure wherein you don’t have any choice as a welder bu to weld it overhead. Some contractors, espcially those who … […]

  2. What type of work clothes or safety clothes would I need to wear so my arms don’t get burned?

  3. Hi Angie, thanks for coming by. You need to use Welding Apron (leather) and welding gloves (leather) whenever you do welding so that no part of your body will be burned.

  4. u know the old saying if u cant stand the heat get out the kitchen! well, if u cant stand the heat get out of welding get a job working behide a desk! yeh get a apron hell get a full body suit sparks still find a way to get in those tight spaces! especially overhead! not trying to be mean but thats the truth! i think this is just of the reasons welding can make good money, depending the company! everyday they are inventing new burn proof material but i say no matter what those sparks will find a way in!

  5. It is important to remember to use proper eye protection. Be sure the light from an arc welder can’t get in. You may not know until hours after the injury if you have burned your eyes. It’s a very painful experience.

  6. I am looking for a good welding job in Atlanta GA. And at the same time I want to obtain my wi cert. I’ve been welding for 15 yrs and i love it. The little burns you get some times the pain goes right away. the more you weld the less it will bother you. Just remember safety first thru out life, while welding use proper ppe.(personal protective equipment). When proforming any type of welding.

  7. Hi Carl, thanks for coming by. You try to visit, sometimes AWS have job vacancies for welders in the US. Since you are in US, you can obtain your WI as well in AWS. Thanks

  8. hello po, can I ask- i am a first year college student and i am passer of smaw nc2, can i enroll a welding inspector or can i enroll a welding supervisor? please help me to know this.

    Another things, is it smawnc2 are same with gtaw that you offer there? another question i saw in Manila tesda office that they have smaw nc3 and smaw nc4. Do you have any idea of what is these types?.. planning to enroll there soon.. I am from Davao City…. thanks.. Chris

  9. Hi Chris, thanks for coming by. Our Welding Inspector’s course requirement is at least 3rd year engineering or experienced welder, but since you are SMAW NC 2, I think we can allow you to join our Welding Inspector’s Course.

    SMAW NC 2 and GTAW NC 2 is different. SMAW is Shielded Metal Arc Welding or they call it stick welding, while GTAW is Gas tungsten Arc Welding or they call it TIG.

    SMAW NC 3 is for welding Alloy Plate, while SMAW NC 4 is for welding Alloy Pipe using SMAW Process.

    We only offer SMAW NC1, NC2 and GTAW NC2.

    We hope to see you here.


  10. itz taht really true that gurlzz is more good in welding>?????

    im shane..^^p

    and….is that true in welding,…lot of pilipino’s who where working in welding companies??

  11. i want to have high liecense……,,
    what is the best org. can i go first????


  12. HI Shane, are you from Philippines or from US? If you are from US, take it from AWS. If you are from Philippines, we can give you WQT as per ASME IX signed by a Certified Welding Inspector as long as you pass the Welder’s Test witness by a Third Party Inspector. There is no such higher license in welding. It is just depends on the requirements of the project. regards

  13. HI Shane, yes, Ladies are the best welders! There’s a lot of Filipina welders already!

  14. hi, im anthony from davao city. i just like to ask what welding course that is in demand in canada? though they need 3-5years of experience, do you have any means for you to help your graduates to land a job as a welder in canada? thank you so much. happy new year.

  15. Hi anthony, we only refer to our contacts, but so far we do not have contacts in Canada.

  16. what are the heats for v-groove 2G, 3G, and 4G using 7018?

  17. good day i am currently training SMAW here in davao,philippines.just wanna ask how to acquire WQT here in davao?

  18. do you have branch here in davao?

  19. sa Tarlac City lang po kami. thanks

  20. Tarlac city lang po kami so far

  21. how much is the tuition fee for FCAW structural?

  22. I think a 3 g is a good goal. It was my first certification ,which was owned by an employer. (That is info everyone should know.) Employers can own your cert. and you can not carry to next job. I did my 2nd certification on my own,which is 1g unlimited ,bridge specs. That was harder, than the 3 g,to me. Took over an hour to fill. Running verticle ups(3 g’s) give you so much of a handle on controlling a puddle. I run 4 g’s all day long and they look like my 1 g’s.To be honest,if I wouldn’t have ever learned to control it going up,prob. couldn’t keep it off of me when I’m under it. Learn 3 g. Plus it does cover other certifications. Sounds like a great training program.

  23. dear sir, please explain the term ‘TKY configuration’

  24. My. Name is Zahid khuda bukhsh i working for siemens company 4 years expirence tank welding.end second job my jico company 2 year i come saudi arabia my work fire fighting pipe line welding higdran weld end my exprirence 9 year i looking for good job i am single

    Name.Abhishek Kumar Singh
    Smaw.3g.4g.6g.arc welder

  26. GOODDAY Boss Pls Am A Welder From Ghana. I Want You To Teach Me How To Weld 6g Welding

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