Posted by: heatsschoolofweldingtechnology | January 9, 2009


A Discontinuity is an objective lack of material, an interruption in the physical consistence of a part while a Defect is an excessive conditions, outside the acceptance limits, which risks to compromise the stability or the functionality of the welded structure.

It is very hard to perfect welding. Most often, the pressence of discontinuity is there. Codes and standards set the acceptability of discontinuities in a weld. When the size of the discontinuity exceeds the size permitted in a certain code or standard, then that will be called defect, which needs to be repaired.


  1. Sir,
    i want to become a certified welding inspector, so can u tell me what is the procedure for this.
    Now i am doing, one year left to complete my
    Please help.
    Thank you.

  2. Sir,I wish to advance beyond my ND in welding Eng&Offshore Tech to pursue a welding carrier in inspection or supervision abroad.How can I get started inspite of limited cash?

  3. Dear Sir, Madam
    I am almost done with my level 1 welding inspector ticket but because I am not originally a welder, have some kind of difficulty to pass my practical exam.
    I am doing my ticket through CWB and my background is IT.
    Any suggestion or advice can help me here.

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