Posted by: heatsschoolofweldingtechnology | April 30, 2009

25 More Days to go for the Welding Inspector’s Course

Twenty five more days to go for our next Welding Inspector’s Course which shall be held on May 25-29, 2009 at Heats Training Room. The Instructor is a Certified Sr. Welding INspector (CSWIP 3.2-UK).

This course is intended for supervisors, 3rd year engineering students, engineers, engineering graduates or any graduate of 4 year course who want to become a Welding Inspector.

Welding Inspector’s salary is very competetive and its one of the most high paid position in the Oil and Gas Industry especially if you have the CSWIP or CWI Certificate which is given by The Welding Institute – UK and American Welding Society respectively.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and join us! Email us at for booking.

Your future is in Welding!



  1. is there any schedule for welding inspector for the month of august?
    for welding inspector course , what certificates are offered?

  2. Hi Ross, thank you for coming by. At the moment we don’t have, but if the minimum attendance of 5 will be met, we will be having our August schedule.regards

  3. Sir..If you have schedule for august or septmber for welding inspector just inform me.. I would like to join…
    Thanks and more power

  4. sir,
    notify me if u have schedule on welding inspector seminar by end of august or early september..
    i would like to join also. thanks and best regards

  5. Hi Cornelio, thanks for coming by. Our welding inspector for august will be on Aug.3-7, 2009.

    For enrollment, pls call grace at 09054140543. thanks

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