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BRITISH attended TIG Training in Heats

British guy Mr. Faiz Jaddir attended TIG Training in Heats before Holy Week. Another stripe of pride for Heats School of Welding Technology Inc. Heats is becoming a worldwide center!

Even at young age of Heats, there are already a lot of  foreigners attended training in Heats. This shows that Heats can even cater international students.

We are very proud to be one of the prefered training center for foreigners who want to go for welding training!!!

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Welding Inspector, IQA, ISO and Painting Inspector Course Schedule

Our next schedule for Welding Inspector’s Course, IQA, ISO 9000 Awareness and Painting Inspector’s Course will be as follows:

Welding Inspector’s Course –  June 7-11, 2010 and December 6-10, the course fee is P10,000.00

Painting Inspector’s Course  – Dec. 13-17, 2010, the course fee is  P15,000

ISO 9000 Awareness –  June 12, 2010 and  December 11, 2010, the course fee is  P1,000

IQA Internal Quality Auditing – June 13-14, 2010 and December 12-13, the course fee is  P2,000

For Welding Inspector and Painting Inspector Course, we prefer graduate engineers or experienced personnel

REGISTER NOW!!! and avail the 10% discount for Welding and Painting Inspector’s course. Registration fee is P2,000 non-refundable. The remaining balance of P7,000 for WI and P11,500 will be paid in the first day of the class. Once registered, you are considered enrolled!!!

Discount is not applicable to those who will enroll 1 week or later before the course date.

Call/txt us now at 09054140543 – look for grace or email us at or

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3 Heats graduates landed job in KSA

Jeony, first from left and Arvin, 3rd from left first row


Another pride for Heats School of Welding Technology Inc.! Three (3) Heats graduates landed a job in Saudi Arabia.

Jeony Misa, Arvin Capinig and Edison San Diego were hired by a sub-contractor of Saudi Aramco just recently. Mr. San Diego informed Heats Management of their successful application.

Jeony, Arvin and Edison are all graduates of HSWTI in the last quarter of 2009. They took SMAW NC I, SMAW NC II and GTAW NC II. They passed their TESDA Trade Test after their trainings.

To Arvin Jeony and Edison, congratulations!!!! Don’t forget to help your schoolmates whenever there is a need of welder in your company.

Check Arvin’s post in HSWTI facebook!/pages/HEATS-SCHOOL-OF-WELDING-TECHNOLOGY-INC/142558427844?v=wall

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CSWIP 3.1/3.2 and AWS-CWI/SCWI the commonly accepted WI Certificate

To all Filipino Engineers who are planning to become a Certified Welding Inspector:

The most commonly accepted Welding Inspector’s Certificate worldwide are CSWIP 3.1 (Welding Inspector) and CSWIP 3.2 (Sr. Welding Inspector) offered by TWI-UK ( and AWS-CWI and AWS-SCWI offered by American Welding Society (  The Canadian Welding Bureau (CWI-CWB) and Australian License is also acceptable but these two Welding Inspector’s License (CSWIP and AWS-CWI)  are the most commonly accepted Welding Inspector License.

From Africa, to Middle East, to Europe, to America, to Australia and to Asia, these Certificates are normally accepted by employer though sometimes European companies doesn’t accept AWS-CWI and some American companies doesn’t accept CSWIP certificate but these companies are just few.

Other license? You can hardly use them in the industry as most of the employers look for either CSWIP or AWS Certificate.

The Welding Inspector’s Course offered by Heats is a preparatory course. We prepare Filipino Engineers for their further study for CSWIP 3.1, and the course instructor is a Certified Sr. Welding Inspector (CSWIP 3.2) with 15 years of experience in the Oil and Gas Industry.

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A Successful 1st Anniversary Story

On March 22, 2010, Heats School of Welding Technology Inc. celebrates its 1st anniversary. For a year since its foundation, Heats has generated an impressive reputation in Welding Training of which our relatively young graduates can be proud.

Heats Administrator estimated the attendance to be almost a hundred  composed of Heats Alumni, teachers, village officials, friends and others.

In the initial year, the HSWTI leadership focused its efforts on building the structure of the school, developing its vision and missions, recruiting the appropriate staff, and establishing the Heats Campus which is now located in Romulo Highway, Carangian, Tarlac City. Heats is now looking for a bigger area to accommodate the planned additional courses.

In its first year alone, more than 60% of Heats graduates are now working either locally or overseas, and this statistic is a very good start for Heats. It also engaged talks to different entities for alliances and partnership and few of them are the talks between Heats’ President and TWI South East Asia’s Regional Manager for the offering of CSWIP-WQT in Heats campus, and the other is the plan to open a branch in Cagayan De Oro or Manila. The Cagayan De Oro branch is now in the negotiating table and Heats Management is very optimistic that it can start in late 2010 or 2011. Manpower Agencies are also visiting Heats’ Campus looking a welder applicants. Heats Management will be more aggressive in engaging talks to other entities for the betterment of the institution.

The Heats’ story would not have been one of achievement and growth without its leadership and its dedicated staff.

Happy anniversary HEATS!!!

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1st Year Anniversary Celebration

Heats School of Welding Technology Inc. will celebrate her 1st Year Anniversary on March 22, 2010 at HSWTI campus located in Carangian, Tarlac City.

The celebration will start at 9:00AM with motorcade, GTAW exhibition and refreshment.

The motorcade will start in HSWTI Campus. From HSWTI Campus, motorcade will move via Romulo Highway (Carangian, San Pablo, San Vicente and San Roque), then via Mc. Arthur Highway (San Roque, San Rafael, San Miguel). The group will take U-turn at Robinson Luisita and goes back to San Roque via Mc. Arthur Highway. It will turn right at Metrotown Mall via Tarlac-Sta Rosa Road going to Maliwalo and turn left at gasoline station near NIA. From there, the group will go through Matatalaib then goes to F. Tanedo. The group will turn right at Tarlac Cathedral and turn left before Ninoy Aquino Bridge. From there, the group will pass through Ninoy Aquino Highway going to Carangian and they will turn left at the Carangian Bridge goin back to Heats Campus.

The GTAW exhibition will be done by Heats Student showing his skills in Gas Tungsten Arc Welding in 6G Position using a schedule 40 2 inches A106 pipe. This exhibition will show how a GTAW process is being made on a pipe in a 6G position.

After the exhibition, refreshments will be served to all.

Alumni are invited to attend this celebration. TESDA Tarlac Officials were invited to witness the said occasion.

Congratulations to Heats for achieving your 1st Year Anniversary. You are now one year old toddler and ready to walk on your own feet. This will not happen without the dedication of Heats Management and Personnel. Keep up the good work!

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Heats graduate now works in KSA

Another Heats graduate is now working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Hermie Samson now works in Al Mabani in the Central Region of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. He started his work in this company last November 2009.

To Hermie, congrats!!!!

There are more and more Heats graduates being employed locally and overseas.

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SMAW graduate landed a job in SATRAP Construction

Vincent Pascual in SATRAP Construction

Another graduate of Heats in SMAW NC II, Mr. Vincent Pascual landed a job as Welder in SATRAP Construction.

Wally as we fondly called Mr. Pascual graduated in Heats in the last quarter of 2009. He gave his effort during his training and  he passed his SMAW NC II on take one.

Another stripe added to Heats prestige in Welding Training Industry as more and more graduates are being employed locally and overseas.

To Wally, congratulations!!!!

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Heats President visits TWI Southeast Asia – KL

Heats President with TWISEA Management

Heats President, Engr. Pedro Jose Jr. visited TWI Southeast Asia in Kuala Lumpur last 6th of March 2010 and meets Mr. Ernie Moskini, TWISEA Regional Manager, Mr. Mohd. Darus B. Taib, TWISEA General Manager and Rosman bin Ahmad, TWISEA Operational Manager.

The meeting was to formalize the collaboration of Heats and TWISEA for the Welders Qualification Test under CSWIP Scheme. Heats is now formally started marketing the CSWIP-WQT.

Mr. Jose believes that his visit will be the start of collaboration between TWISEA and Heats in Welding Technology and Heats will be the leader of welding training in the Philippines.

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GTAW/SMAW Combination, a new refresher course

Heats School of Welding Technology Inc. is now offering the new refresher course GTAW/SMAW Combination Welding.

GTAW/SMAW Combination is often used in the Oil and Gas Industry around the world where pure SMAW is not allowed or not the right process for the work. GTAW/SMAW Welders are highly compensated than SMAW Welder only.

GTAW/SMAW Combination refresher course is offered for 48 hours for P18,000.00 or P3,000.00/day. You can also enroll a one day to four days course at P3,000.00/day if you only want to practice for your trade test in Manila. The pre-requisite of the course are SMAW NC II and GTAW NC II or with experience as Pipe Welder in GTAW and SMAW Process. Without these qualification, you cannot enroll the GTAW/SMAW Combination Refresher Course.

This course is very important to those who are planning to take a trade test as Combination Welder in Manpower Agencies in Manila.

You can call/txt us at 09054140543 – look for Grace for inquiry.

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