Posted by: heatsschoolofweldingtechnology | September 10, 2019


Many people are asking this question; What is the best Welding Course to be taken?

Well, it depends on what you want to do after your course.

If you want to have a small shop to cater basic necessity for welding works such as window grills, steel gates, steel windows, trusses, side car and other basic welding works, then you can enrol our Basic Welding Course which would be sufficient enough to give you practical knowledge to do the above jobs.

What if you plan to work in Structural Industry and Storage Tank Industry? Well, you can take the Basic Course, SMAW Structural and SMAW Pre-Pipe Course. But if in ship building Industry, GMAW or FCAW Course is an added value.

While if you plan to work in the Oil and Gas Industry, the following courses are recommended from zero background;

Basic Welding Course



TIG/SMAW Combination Course (Optional but highly recommended)

TIG Stainless Steel (Optional but recommended)

If you have the above 5 courses and qualifications, we are pretty sure that you can land a welder job easily.

Since then, good luck guys! Enjoy Welding!

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