Posted by: heatsschoolofweldingtechnology | September 6, 2019

TIG/SMAW Combination Course, Manila Philippines

Another advanced course that Heats is offering is the TIG/SMAW Combination course. One of the most sought qualification in the Oil and Gas Industry and Offshore work.

The pre-requisite of TIG/SMAW Combination course are either you have an experience or training in TIG or SMAW. This course run for 10 days.

TIG/SMAW Combination Course objective is to prepare the trainee to become a combination welder. He will be teach practically on how weld TIG rootpass and hotpass on a 6 inch A106 Gr. B pipe and on how to SMAW filling pass up to weld cap starting form 1G position to 6G position. The main goal of the training is to prepare the trainee to be competent in 6G position using TIG/SMAW Process.

After passing the end-of-course assessment, the trainee will be given TIG/SMA Certificate and a WQT as per ASME IX requirements. This WQT can be used as a documentation for job application.

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