Posted by: heatsschoolofweldingtechnology | May 26, 2014

College graduate but unemployed? Try us!

I am a college graduate but unemployed!

This is a very common word among Filipinos whether in the provinces or in the cities.

Reality? Yes it is!

We have a lot of college graduates who really end up unemployed. There’s a lot of reason behind these unemployment cases.

One reason is laziness among them who doesn’t want to try their luck in the big cities. Another reason is unlucky enough to find a job because of lack of technical experience or worst, lack of qualification, and another reason I can say is wrong course for the wrong guy.

To mitigate this problems, the Government has given alternatives to them.

What? Alternative?

Yes! As an unemployed college graduate, it is not yet the end of the world! You can still find a job by upgrading your technical skills.

TESDA and TESDA Accredited Institutions are there to help you fulfill your dreams. These institutions, though small in the eye of others, but in some ways or another, redeem these unemployed college graduates.

Upgrading your technical qualification by enrolling TESDA Accredited course or Technical course in these institutions can be a big help. One of the most popular courses that we can say as “REDEEMER COURSE” is the welding course.

In Heats School of Welding Technology Inc. alone, there are numbers of college graduates who once unemployed are now working overseas. They decided to be humble and took welding courses and became Certified Welders. With the certificates from TESDA on their hands and the Certificate of Completion from their training they took chances to apply overseas and lucky enough, the employers who took them found what they are looking for in their CV’s and details.

We continually advocate and recommend to those who are still unemployed, whether you are a college graduate or undergraduate, high school graduate or not r even undergraduate of elementary as long as you can read and write, we can help you fulfill your dreams. We exist to train.

Planning to work abroad? We are the answer! Enroll now!



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