Posted by: heatsschoolofweldingtechnology | February 22, 2014

Year 6 of Heats presence is just around the corner

The 6th year of operation of Heats is just around the corner.

It was March 2008 when the school President formally started the Heats operation by conducting a seminar in welding. It was attended by couple of engineers and other college graduates who were very eager to learn welding.Majority of them are now working overseas, some in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and some in Asia.

During those days, welding is almost irrelevant in Tarlac. Welding, in the mind of people that time are the one used in the small shops in the city where sidecars and ruined farm machinery are being welded or repaired. It is now the opposite ways as many Tarlaquenos learned how important a welding career is. We now have regular trainees coming the province unlike in the past that our trainees came from as far as Australia, Great Britain, Syria, America, Mindanao, Southern Luzon, Manila and other parts of the Philippines.

Our graduates are now scattered around the globe from America, Great Britain, Australia, Japan, other parts of Europe, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Philippines.

We are proud of these professional welders who starts from the scratch until they became Certified Welders and worked overseas.




  1. I love this, I really want to be part of it

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