Posted by: heatsschoolofweldingtechnology | June 14, 2012

8th Welding Inspector Course

8th Welding Inspector Graduates

The participants of 8th Welding Inspector Course ended with flying colors on June 8, 2012.

Attended by four welding practitioner from various part of Luzon, the participants earned the Welding Inspector Certificate after passing their end of course assessment composed of theory and practical.

The course was conducted by Engr. Ismael Talato, a seasoned Quality Manager and Fabrication Manager with more than 33 years of experience in welding industry.

To the graduates, congratulations!!!


  1. Hi Sir

    I want to take up Welding Inspector course…for me to fully understand all the welding process and procedure, I would like also to enroll the welding course. Can I seek advise which of them should i get or just take the practical course..

    Also, if you have a prepared outline course for the Welding Inspector, can I have a copy of it….

    Nevertheless, could i receive a certificate for the practical welding course.

    Please send me thru my mail..

    hoping for your prompt response…

  2. Hi, you are welcome to join our welding inspector course. The course details of welding inspector course is posted in our website. Taking practical welding course is a good one as well. Regqrds

  3. Yes, you will receive certificates

  4. Good day sir

    Just want to ask, what is the schedule date this training for Welding Inspector for this coming month of January 2014, I`m planning to spend my vacation on that month, so I hope you could inform the exact date..


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