Posted by: heatsschoolofweldingtechnology | July 28, 2010

Another American enrolled in Heats

Another American, Mr. Longley started his rigid training in Heats this month.

Mr. Longley started last July 26, 2010. He will be trained in Gas Tungsten Arc Welding for 34 rigid training days (268 hours).

Two of our Instructors will be handling his training and we are sure enough that after his 34 days training he will learn all the needed practical knowledge in GTAW (TIG).

Aside from Mr. Longley, in the month of June 2010, a Filipino-American Mr. Cristino Cabradilla enrolled for our TIG Welding Course. He also finished his training in June and flew back to US. He was very thankful for what he learned in Heats. He plans to apply as a Welder in Texas Oil and Gas Industry and also plans to put up his own welding training center back home which will cater the Filipino-American in his area.

We are hoping that like Mr. Cabradilla, Mr. Longley will learn a lot in our training facilities.

Goodluck Mr. Longley.


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