Posted by: heatsschoolofweldingtechnology | April 20, 2010

Partial Scholarship Program

The PJJ Partial Scholarship Program kicks off today for year 2010. This program is intended to underprivileged Pinoy Out of School Youth in the country from Batanes to Jolo.


(1) Family annual income of P60K and below (Certification from Brgy. Captain and Mayor needed),

(2) Out of School Youth, High School undergraduate or elementary undergraduate (Certification from Principal of previous school),

(3) Willing to learn welding,

(4) 18-25 years old,

(5) Birth Certificate,

(6) Barangay Clearance,

(7) Medical Certificate.

To apply, please email your application to together with the requirements. Upon approval, you will pay the remaining 50% on four gives. PJJ Scholarship program reserves the right to choose the right candidate.

Tuition Fees for 50% Scholarship Program

SMAW NC I (30 days) – P6,000.00, four gives at P1,500 per week

SMAW NC II (30 days) – P12,000.00, four give at P3,000 per week

GTAW NC II (30 days) – P15,000.00, four gives at P3750/week

Basic Welding Course (6 days) – P3,000.00, four gives at P750/give

Pipe Welding Course (6 days) – P4,000.00, four gives at P1,000/give

TIG Welding Course (5 days) – P7,500.00, four gives at P1875/give

For the Out-Of-School-Youth out there, this is your chance for your future. Apply now!!!!


  1. gusto ko lang po itanong kung meron bang tig welding tesda accredited dito sa pampanga atyaka po machinist

  2. I guess, Heats po ang nearest sa Pampanga who have TESDA APPROVED TIG COURSE

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