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CSWIP 3.1/3.2 and AWS-CWI/SCWI the commonly accepted WI Certificate

To all Filipino Engineers who are planning to become a Certified Welding Inspector:

The most commonly accepted Welding Inspector’s Certificate worldwide are CSWIP 3.1 (Welding Inspector) and CSWIP 3.2 (Sr. Welding Inspector) offered by TWI-UK ( and AWS-CWI and AWS-SCWI offered by American Welding Society (  The Canadian Welding Bureau (CWI-CWB) and Australian License is also acceptable but these two Welding Inspector’s License (CSWIP and AWS-CWI)  are the most commonly accepted Welding Inspector License.

From Africa, to Middle East, to Europe, to America, to Australia and to Asia, these Certificates are normally accepted by employer though sometimes European companies doesn’t accept AWS-CWI and some American companies doesn’t accept CSWIP certificate but these companies are just few.

Other license? You can hardly use them in the industry as most of the employers look for either CSWIP or AWS Certificate.

The Welding Inspector’s Course offered by Heats is a preparatory course. We prepare Filipino Engineers for their further study for CSWIP 3.1, and the course instructor is a Certified Sr. Welding Inspector (CSWIP 3.2) with 15 years of experience in the Oil and Gas Industry.


  1. can i study cswip 3.1 without any experience?? i am a highschool graduate only.

  2. yes you can…

  3. Actually I got the IWE certificate (International Welding Engineer) I think it’s important but only in europe? Exist some way to get the CSWIP 3.2 only with the certificate of IWE or should I have to pay and give an exam for certification?

  4. Hi, even you have IWE Certificate, you cannot get CSWIP 3.2 directly. You need to start in CSWIP3.1 because the pre-requisite for CSWIP 3.2 is CSWIP 3.1 regards

  5. what is the different between aws/cwi 3.1 and aws/cwi 3.2

  6. AWS-CWI and AWS-SCWI are American qualification
    CSWIP 3.1 and CSWIP 3.2 are British qualification

  7. gud day to all.i am fritz narsico i am a college level with a course of mechanical and i’m a welder for 6 years now both local and abroad.i am really interested to get a training and examination for CSWIP or AWS-CWI QC1..are you conducting training and examination for this.?please inform me if you have schedule for the trainining and examination for welding inspector CSWIP or AWS.please inform me what would be the requirements and how much would be the fees.please inform me i’ll wait for your message..thanks a lot and more power.!!

  8. good day to all, i am already 51 years old and willing to attend seminar for CSWIP 3.1 can i still join this training at my age? and if so please inform me how much should i pay and if you have branch in manila i prefer to attend here. This is my experience both local and abroad at first a foreman and become supervisor in piping erection/installation/fit-up this is why i am interested to become a welding inspector just because sometimes i was designated as piping and even welding inspector

  9. hello po, local welding inspector course lang po offered namin. at 51 pwede pa, kaya lang to work abroad at 51 di ko po sure. thanks

  10. hello po,,good day,,i currently passed the mechanical engineering board exam,and my dad’s friend told me to enroll in cswip to become a welding inspector, he told also that it is located in makati,is it true? Can i ask the deatails like how many days of training? how to enrolled? when it is getting start? how expensive it is,,is it a package deal of paying included house? thank u,, hope you to reply

  11. Hi, you need to have at least exposure in welding industry before they allow you to take CSWIP. Being a RME doesn’t give you the ticket to take. I suggest you take local welding inspector training ad NDT Training and work in welding industry, after you have enough exposure (as far as I know CSWIP 3.1 experience requirements is 5 years before they allow you to go for exam), then you can sit and exam for CSWIP. But try your luck, maybe they change their requirements already bec those requirements was wayback 2000.

  12. may manila office ba kayo? how much for the CSWIP 3.1???

  13. does this cswip thing applies to women also?

  14. Currently, i am working in a pipelaying vessel. I am working for the QC Dept as a Pipetally clerk. I have 2 years of working side by side with a QC Welding Inspector so i am exposed to seeing Pipelines being weld and inspected. My Inspectors even urged me to try getting a CSWIP. I already have knowledge in welding and my Inspector friend even gave me a book of TWI Welding Inspection. What is the next step for me in getting a CSWIP certificate? Where can i get it the Philippines?

  15. When is the next CSWIP 3.1 training schedule?

  16. Hi, we don’t offer CSWIP. We do not have AWS CWI Course at the moment because its hard to complete the 20 minimum participants. regards

  17. helo im ken. im a graduate of welding and steel fabrication for 2yr course and had been work since 2000 but im not an i qualified to become a welding inspector? if so,how much the cost of your training.

  18. yes you are qualified to our WI Course. The fee is P8,000. thanks

  19. which one is most valuable CSWIP 3.1 or AWS ? and what is the difference between these two? if i will do AWS course then is it equivalent to CSWIP 3.1 ? plz sugess

  20. hello im a mechanical engineering graduate back 2006
    i was expose on welding industry ship repair company for 7 years now.
    how they evaluate my certificate? plaese give me reply..

  21. I am charles working here in saudi as a driver in one of the famous NDT company here in the kingdom.For many years of working with those NDT technician and welding inspectors i had experience going to the fields performing radiography,dye penetrant test,magnitec particle inspection and visual test..I’m not a college graduate but a highschool graduate only..I observed that most of the employed Indians here especially welding inspectors AWS CWI or CSWIP who took their exams in India are not B.S.E but only Diploma or HighSchool graduate.Due to these matters i’m much challenge to take exams CSWIP/AWS CWI in Phils if they will grant me?Thanks

  22. Yes you can, but we don’t offer that. What we have is Local Welding Inspector Course only. You can take in Dammam, KSA, SGS is offering it regularly. If you want take our course,in preparation to your CSWIP training and exam.

  23. Which is more efficent and good compare to CSWIP 3.1,3.2,3.3 .

  24. Hi please tell me how to take CSWIP 3.1 Exam in manila

  25. Hello to all, i am rey, graduate 2yr vocational course of computer technician, but dossen’t expoussed this category. My current job is qualified tig welder in more than 14 years in the field of piping site and fabrication.I am qualified in different kind of metal: carbon steel pipe,stainless, low alloy, duplex, super duplex, copper nickle, chrome, Now i try to take exam cswip as welding inspector 3.1/3.2. please reply how to take exam, and schedule of training, thank you

  26. Hi.I am B.E-Mechanical Engineer with ASNT Level II fresher. Will i be able to study CSWIP directly or do i need experience?

  27. I’m planning to retake my technology examination on the Philippines, let me know if there’s any schedule available this coming November? Just send me a qoutation to my email,ASAP

  28. Good day sir i would like to ask if you have the preparatory class for bgas or nace..

  29. Our painting inspector course is a good preparation for BGAS. Tnx

  30. I have exp. In weld shop not in oil &gas ind.then can i study cswip 3.1? its helpful for my career?

  31. Yes you can

  32. if i am a cwi allready . am i considered to be a cswip?

  33. AWS-CWI is an American Welding Society Certification (American) while CSWIP is a TWI Certification (British)

  34. Hi if do AWS certification ,we can apply for job immediately or gap should be 2 years ….

  35. Hin
    I am from civil engineering background… I want to do CSWIP 3.1
    I can apply for jobs in Saskatchewan

  36. Dear sir if i will be complete cswip 3.1 than can i make welding procedure as per ASME Sec IX and D1.1 structural welding code?.

  37. hi… i am prabhakaran completed my mechanical enginnering in year 2013 now working in fabrication field 1 year exp… can able to study the aws…..

  38. sir,

    can i ask for 2015 schedule of CWI course and CSWIP 3.1 examination? also please email me the fees and requirements. Send it to Thank you.

  39. I am experienced 20 years around, in nuclear and currently in boiler field can I do cswip 3.2 directly.

  40. Dear sir u want become a AWS-CWI please send me details.

    Thank you. M.Shafiullah (Shafi) India +91-9430809419 +91-9022746144


  41. How I can I get to become a welding inspector. Im only high school graduate. .cswip 3.1 but I have a experience in welding in 6 years. .

  42. can i ask for schedule of cswip 3.1 and the location and the fees

  43. Gud day po..sann ko po mkukuha number address..mgiinquire lng po.

  44. Can I get a job after completing cswip 3.1 in abroad with good salary? Is it possible?

  45. Hi can you send me dates on cswip courses please for 2016

  46. 09054140543

  47. Sir,

    I have no experience in welding. Can I do this cswip 3.1.? Is it hard to get.

  48. hello po! I have a more than 15 years of expirience in Oil and Gas Industry starts from fitter to QC Inspector / Preservation Specialist I have a 7 years full welder background before I get here to my position now as a Quality Control for 4 Project Already or let we say 6 years of expirience but not a Qualified Inspector yet, that’s why I am Planning to get a Exam in the Philippines for 3.1, am I Qualified to get that Exams without 3.0? and can you help me to take a exams and to get qualified regarding this matter.

  49. We do not offer CSWIP po. thanks

  50. I have 27 year’s experience in welding for different process and I’m CWI in PWS now I work here in Australia. I would like to upgrade my qualifications to become cswip 3.1

  51. Sir
    Do you have examination for cseio 3.1 course?

  52. we do not have sir

  53. Good day! I worked as a computer operator engineering and construction for 7 years and my job is to monitor daily welding report and NDT report, I also have an NDT Level 2 certificate but it is already expired 3 years ago. Am I qualified to take the CSWIP 3.1.. Thanks and Regards

  54. Yes you are qualified

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