Posted by: heatsschoolofweldingtechnology | January 11, 2010

Welding Inspector’s Course – Jan. 4-8, 2010

The 1st Welding Inspector’s Course for 2010 started on January 4, 2010 and ended with end-of-course assessment on January 8, 2010.

All the participants successfully passed the end-of-course assessment which consist of General Welding Theory, Essay Type exam, plate welding inspection and pipe welding inspection.

The participants are all overseas workers who work as Welding Supervisors and Engineers in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Libya, Qatar and Dubai.

They planned to take further study to take the international license for Welding and they are very optimistic that after their Welding Inspector’s Course in Heats, they are ready and technically capable in passing the international license for Welding Inspector.




  2. I check your website I would like to become official welding inspector, I am certified welder of TIG and MIG from international welding institution, some certificates of Manual arc welding and Oxy-Acetylene welding total for about 7years as welder

    As welding inspector for around 5years

    I would like to help me to get job in your country and to have an international certificate of welding inspector.

    Best regard

  3. hi michael, you can join us for our AWS-CWI Course and Exam on Dec.18-22 & 24. regards

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