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Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)

One of the welding process that are commonly used in the construction industry is the Submerged Arc Welding (or what they call it SAW). his process is fully automised. Sample pictures are shown below.

SAW requires a continuously fed consumable solid electrode. The molten weld and the arc zone are protected from atmospheric contamination by being “submerged” under a blanket of granular fusible flux. When molten, the flux becomes conductive, and provides a current path between the electrode and the work. This thick layer of flux completely covers the molten metal thus preventing spatter and sparks as well as suppressing the intense ultraviolet radiation and fumes.A Submerged Arc Welding is being set up



The SAW Torch is being set up


S.A.W. Process



  1. I’m interested in SAW, coz I want to undergo training in UNDERWATER WELDING in the US, probably by the first quarter of 2010, how can taking SAW at your school will help me in further advancement of my welding skills? I’m done with NCI, I also had an experience in automated gas cutting, CNC, in Abu Dhabi, in a shipbuilding company…..Please correspond! SALAMAT PO!

  2. wala ba kayong training school sa manila gusto ko kz mag training din para madagdagan kaalaman ko sa welding maronong po ako ng gtaw, smaw, fkaw, floxs,mig

  3. Wala pa po

  4. inquire ko lang po ang SAW course ninyo. days po training and magkano po?

  5. Ala po kaming SAW. SMAW, GTAW at GMAW/ FCAW lang

  6. inquire ko lang po mam kong kailan mag bubukas ang branch new sa manila..malayo kasi mam wala aqng kamag anak dyan sa tarlac . wala aqng matuloyan dyan if qng mag training aq dyan …thank you…..

  7. may boarding house po sa harap namin where our trainees stay. P1500 lang po per month. thanks

  8. good morning mam/ sir.. ahm as kulang po kong tumatangap kayo ng skolar ng owwa…thanks…

  9. Opo

  10. thank you ….

  11. me under water po ba kau sir?

  12. wala po hehe

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