Posted by: heatsschoolofweldingtechnology | October 26, 2009


In celebration of HSWTI’s Anniversary on March 2010, Heats will be giving out Anniversary Promo from February to May 2010.

The promo will be tuition fee discount for SMAW NC I, SMAW NC II & GTAW NC II Courses. Discount and payment will be as follows;

Course              Regular Fee      Discounted Fee  Registration Fee  Total Fee

SMAW NC I – P12,000       –   P8,200.00         – p2,000.00          – P10,200.00 Savings:P1,800

SMAW NC II-P22,000      –  P13,400.00        – P2,000.00          – P15,400.00 Savings:P6,600

GTAW NC II-P30,000      –  P22,000.00        -P2,000.00          – P24,000.00 Savings:P6,000

Promo will end in the end of February 2010. But this is a First come first served basis.

So, what are you waiting for? Register now and avail our DISCOUNTED FEE!

Call/txt and register now at 09054140543 – look for Grace and pay the registration fee.

Late registration will not be accepted!


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