Posted by: heatsschoolofweldingtechnology | October 5, 2009

Trade Test for 5 GTAW Trainees Conducted

Five (5) GTAW trainees took the trade test for GTAW 6G in accordance with ASME IX. The test was conducted last October 3, 2009 at Heats’ Training Center. The test started at 9:00 AM and was finished at 11:30AM.

The test pipe used was A53 Grade B 2 inches diameter schedule 40. It was tested at 6G position using GTAW process with TGS 50 filler wire and 99.9% Argon as shielding gas.

All of them passed the test visually and mechanically.

WQT was issued to each of them in accordance with ASME IX by the Third Party Inspection company Corrometrixweld Inspection Services.

The five trainees are;

1.) Alberto Ortiz Jr. – from Nueva Vizcaya

2.) Harold T. Arila – from Manila

3.) Lenon T. Arila – from Manila

4.) Peter Kidangin – from Sagada

5.) Rodrigo Dumay Jr. – from Rizal

TESDA Assessment will follow soon as the schedule is yet to be given by TESDA Tarlac.



  1. paano poh mag trained lng poh aq para malaman q ang mga step xa pag welding at mga idea

  2. Hi Rnante, thanks for coming by, di ko po ma gets ang ibig nyong sabihin hehehe

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