Posted by: heatsschoolofweldingtechnology | July 22, 2009

Filipino Welders In-demand Than Other Workers


According to the Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA), compared to other skilled workers, Filipino welders are more in-demand here in the Philippines and abroad. 

For the thousands of OFW flying abroad yearly, a big percentage of them are welders. Normally TIG welders are the most in-demand, next is the SMAW Pipe Welder and then SMAW Plate Welders. 

TIG Welders and SMAW Pipe Welders are commonly hired in the construction of refineries, pipelines, gas plants, chemical plants, LNG Plants, Petrochemical Plant, Offshore pipelines, Offshore Topside, fabrication shops and many others. Plate welders are commonly hired in the construction of buildings, vessels, tanks, structural and shipyard.

The lowest level of welding is the SMAW Plate Welder. Plate welder can upgrade his qualification by attending training in SMAW Pipe course (SMAW NCII) or by experience in the construction industry on piping works. SMAW Pipe Welders can upgrade his qualification into a TIG Welder by attending GTAW NCII course. Most often, due to the high cost of argon, companies does not allow their welder to train in GTAW while they are employed with them, but some companies are allowing their SMAW Welders to learn GTAW. The other way of upgrading is by attending a GTAW NCII Course.

The three level of welding stated above (SMAW NCI, SMAW NCII & GTAW NCII) are offered by HEATS SCHOOL OF WELDING TECHNOLOGY, INC. Heats can make a zero knowledgeable person in a high skilled Plate Welder in 6 weeks, can make a Plate welder into a high skilled Pipe welder in 6 weeks and can make a Pipe Welder into a highly skilled TIG Welder in 6 weeks.

We recommend that graduates of SMAW NCI, SMAW NCII or GTAW NCII should work locally for at least one to two years before working overseas so that they will be more mature in welding profession. 

Welders are highly in demand in countries like North America, Europe, Middle East, as well as in some developing countries in Asia.



  1. Good day po, ako po si amor gaokan, 45 yers, ako ay kasalukoyang nag work sa mohammad al-mojil group, sa k.s.a. Bilang plate welder ( 3 years na po) 1st year college po ako (g.r.c.o. & b.s.m.e.) nag training din po ako ng tig (cs) sa executive, tanong ko lang po kung qualified po ba ako mag training ng CWI? THANKS PO…

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