Posted by: heatsschoolofweldingtechnology | June 16, 2009

Take vocational courses, high school graduates urged

An excerpt from Positive News Media:

MANILA, April 9 (PNA) -– The recruitment industry on Monday urged the more than one million new graduates from the country’s high schools from both public and private sectors to re-focus their careers to technical-vocational courses that are very much in demand in the global workforce. Loreto Soriano, recruitment analyst, stressed that the Philippines can take advantage of the pressing need for skilled workers in trillion-dollar projects in the Middle East if many of the high school graduates will shift to schools offering tech-voc subjects like auto servicing, technical drawing/drafting, building wire installation, shielded metal arc welding, machining, pipefitting, metal craft and carpentry. “The country is not meeting global orders due to the worker’s lack of skills. Recruitment companies are competing with each other for the very few skilled workers for their job orders mainly from the Middle East,” he said. Soriano, president of LBS-E-Recruitment, said Saudi Arabia is embarking on the a massive construction effort to build four super cities while the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman have been on a construction binge since 2005 with the sudden rise of oil prices fattening the dollar reserves of the all oil producing countries in the region. He cited data on the infrastructure boom around the world where employers are looking for highly qualified construction workers such as welders, flame cutters, pipe fitters, and carpenters. The recruitment industry leader also noted that Canada also needs hundreds of thousands of workers in the oil fields of Calgary, Alberta and construction workers in British Columbia for the coming Winter Olympics. Soriano stressed that the a massive training program should be implemented by the Arroyo administration with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and the Department of Education (DepEd) intensifying efforts with technical vocational schools in the country. He added training centers for welding, electrical installations, carpentry, machining and pipe fitting experts should be put up with retired construction workers working as trainers to transfer their experience and know-how to vocational students. Meanwhile, the DepEd has created a Technical Vocation Education Task Force to cope with the demand for skilled workers abroad. Dr. Ricardo de Lumen, officer in charge of the Technical Vocational Education Task Force, said human resource trainings are needed to strengthen the technical-vocational program in the country. “Our technical-vocational school heads must be trained for the pilot implementation of the Competency-based Curriculum (CBC) in their secondary schools,” he said. The CBC includes the following 18 priority subject areas: animal production, agricultural crop production, horticulture, fish capture, aqua culture, food processing, auto servicing, carpentry, technical drawing/drafting, building wiring installation, consumer electrical servicing, shielded metal arc welding, furniture and cabinet making, auto servicing, and machining which include metal craft and welding.(PNA)



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