Posted by: buhayofw | May 20, 2009

Welders are always in-demand

In my more than 10 years as an OFW, I have seen the demand of welders in every country that work with. I started my overseas work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have more than 100 welders in our company who weld pipelines and refinery piping. The company next to our barracks have more than 200 welders. Back in the Philippines, when I was just a Cadet Engineer, I supervised more than 100 welders in a Steel Fabrication shop which specializes in Structural Steel, Communication Tower and other structure. I have noticed that in every construction company (especially those who do Oil and Gas Projects), they have at least 100 welders with different qualifications. Their qualification range from plate welder to pipe welder to tig welder to FCAW welder to GMAW welder or to SAW Operator. Ohh gosh, napakarami nila. I am just wondering where these welders came from?The Philippines, being a small country, have the vast manpower for welders and for your information, Pinoy Welders are the best welders in the world!

So the trend now, a lot of High School graduates tend to enroll in a short course in welding. In just few weeks, they have the technical capability of being a Certified Welder. Yes, it is a right thing to do! We do not need diplomas in the wall for a technical work overseas. We need the practical capabilities!!!

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