Posted by: heatsschoolofweldingtechnology | March 12, 2009


The bend test assists in determining the soundness of the weld metal, the weld junction and the heat affected zone. The test shows the quality of the welded joint. Any cracking of the metal will indicate false fusion or defective penetration.
The stretching of the metal determines to some extent its ductility. Fractured surface shows the crystalline structure. Large crystals usually indicate wrong welding procedure or poor heat treatment after welding. A good weld has small crystals.
The bend test is an easy and useful method of comparing one welded joint with another of the same type and of revealing abnormalities and defects at or near the surface in tension.

Bend tests may be used to find a number of weld properties such as
(i) Ductility of the welded zone
(ii) Weld penetration
(iii) Fusion
(iv) Crystalline structure (of the fractured surface)
(v) Strength.


  1. I just got into tis sit and found I to be very helpful. please send me some info on destructive testing types and their advantage and disadvantages. appreciate your assistance. Thanks

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