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A tensile test is done to determine the following;
(a) Tensile properties such as tensile strength, yield point or yield strength and modulus of elasticity.
(b) Ductility of a weld. Two standard measurements of ductility are the percent elongation and the percent reduction of area.

Tensile test is carried out by gripping the end E, E of the specimen in a tensile testing machine and applying and increasing pull on to the specimen till it fractures.

During, the test, the tensile load as well as the elongation of a previously marked gauge length in the specimen is measured with the help of load dial of the machine and extensometer respectively. These readings help plotting stress strain curve.

After fracture, the two pieces of the broken specimen are placed as if fixed together and the distance Lf between two gauge marks and the area Af at the place of fracture are noted.



Af = Area after fracture

Lf = Length after fracture



  1. I got destructive testing but what is non destructive testing??
    Destructive testing information is helpful.

  2. Hi Carolina, thanks for coming by.

    Destructive testing is a kind of test wherein you will not destroy the sample. Unlike Destructive testing that you once you conducted the test, for sure, the test sample will be destroyed.

    There a lot of types of Non Destructive Testing (NDT).
    These are:
    1.) Ultrasonic Testing
    2.) Radiographic Testing
    3.) Magnetic Particle Testing
    4.) Penetrant Testing
    5.) Eddy Current Testing
    6.) Visual Testing

    The most commonly used are numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6

    for more info., visit this site


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