Posted by: heatsschoolofweldingtechnology | March 8, 2009

Weld Spatters

Spatters are the small metal particles which are thrown out of the arc during welding and get deposited on the base metal around the weld bead along its length.

Although weld spatter is as not serious as other weld defects, it is recommended that this doesn’t  happen in the welding. In case it happens, it should be cleaned and removed.

The spatter may be due to

 1. Excessive arc current.

2. Longer arcs.

3. Damp electrodes.

4. Electrodes being coated with improper flux ingredients.

5. Arc blow making the arc uncontrollable.

6. Bubbles of gas becoming entrapped in the molten globule of metal, expanding with great violence and projecting small drops of metal outside the arc steam.



  1. Dear Sir,
    Infomations available are very good.Please inform us can we down load ASME Section IX free from any web site.
    sanjay khandelwal

  2. HI Sanjay, thanks for coming by. Sorry I can not help you with that. I suggest you search in googles. thanks

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