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Tuesday, April 8, 2008
High-paying jobs abroad await new high school graduates who will opt for shorter but in demand vocational courses, the local recruitment industry reported yesterday.

Recruitment companies said Filipino high school graduates who take vocational courses that are in demand in money-rich countries in the Middle East will have a better a chance at lucrative employment abroad.

Lito Soriano, president of LBS-E Recruitment, said high school graduates should consider taking technical vocational courses at this time if they want lucrative job opportunities.

“The Philippines can take advantage of the pressing need for skilled workers in trillion-dollar projects in the Middle East if many of our high school graduates will shift to schools offering tech-voc subjects like auto servicing, technical drawing/drafting, building wire installation, shielded metal arc welding, machining, pipefitting, metal craft, and carpentry,” Soriano pointed out.

At the moment, Soriano said the country is unable to meet job orders abroad due to the shortage of workers with vocational skills. “Recruitment companies are already competing with each other for the very few skilled workers for their job orders mainly from the Middle East,” he disclosed.

Soriano explained that most foreign employers are looking for highly-qualified construction workers such as welders, flame cutters, pipe fitters, and carpenters due to construction booms in various countries abroad.

He called on the government to undertake massive training programs to enable the country to meet the growing global demand for highly skilled workers. — Mayen Jaymalin

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  1. ok very lucky my course in smaw-welding

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