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Shielded Metal Arc Welding

Shielded Metal Arc Welding


Beginner – P4,000 – P5,000 per month

Experienced – P6,000 – P15,000 per month


Beginner to work abroad – P15,000 – P29,000 per month

Experienced – P30,000 – P100,000 over per month

The range given above depends on the employers. Some employers are giving a high salary for their welders and some are giving standard salary.

Comparing Welder’s Salary overseas to local professional jobs such as engineers, teachers, supervisors and others, welders who work overseas are receiving a higher salary than those professional given above who work locally. That is the reason why there are some professionals want to become a welder.



  1. Salary of Welders in Brunei
    P1350 to P1440/day for TIG Welder
    P1200 to P1300/day for Pipe SMAW Welder
    P1050/day for Beginner Pipe Welder

  2. Salary of Welders in Saudi Arabia
    P600 – P700 per day for Pipe Welder
    P750 – P1100 per day for TIG Welder

  3. If you are a welder either in Philippines or work overseas, you can post the welder’s salary in your location or company.. thanks

  4. i am experince 4 years for fitter and stucture welder

  5. Im a pipe welder with uae certificate? Here is my line 07038957215

  6. Im a pipe welder with uae certificate, i need a job? Here is my line 07038957215

  7. Dear sir I want to work in your company as a welder ,I have a certificate N T C 3 .from i v t b .
    I am from Mauritius I need your help .if u can am greatful to u .

  8. Arc and mig 3G and 6 G

  9. hello po, graduate ako ng smaw ncII pero wala pa pong welder work experience I’m Rachelle joseph from calauan,laguna

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