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Items to be included in the procedure can be some of the following:


Company Name

WPS Number


Supporting PQR

            a. Indicating the PQR number

Joints (QW-402) 

             a. Design

             b. Backing Material

Base Metal (QW-403)

            a. Type

            b. Thickness (for pipe this includes outside diameter)

            c. Surface condition

            d. Identifying marks

Filler Metal (QW-404)

            a. Specs.

            b. Size

Positions (QW-405)

            a. Position of Groove

             b. Welding Progression

Preheat (QW_406)

             a. Preheat temperature

             b. Interpass Temperature

PWHT (QW-407)

              a. Temperature Range

              b. Time range

Gas (QW-408)

               a. Shielding

               b. Trailing

               c. Backing

Electrical Characterisitc (QW-409)

               a. Current

               b. Polarity

               c. Amperage range

Technique (QW-410)

               a. String or weave

               b. Method of backgouging

Welding Process

            a. Type of process (SMAW, GTAW,GMAW, FCAW, SAW etc.)

            b. Equipment

            c. Make, brand, type of welding consumables

            d. When appropriate, the temperature and time adopted for drying and baking of electrodes        

                and / or consumables


QW – is a sub-section of ASME IX


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