Posted by: heatsschoolofweldingtechnology | December 1, 2008

Courses Offered:

1.) SMAW Plate

2.) SMAW Pipe

3.) GTAW Pipe

4.) Welding Inspector’s Course

5.) NDT Course (UT/PT/MT)

6.) IQA

7.) ISO 9000 Awareness


  1. Good web blog to improve welding knowledge.


  2. Thanks, you have a good web as well.

  3. I’m planning to take-up Welding Inspector’s Course, when I come back home to Philippines. Presently, I’m working in LNG project in Qatar and I want to take up in order to widen my knowledge in welding inspection. After the course there is any examination given by Tesda in order to be a qualified welding Inspector? Also , it is possible that I can teach welding course in our province?

  4. Hi Gregorio, thanks for coming by, we already sent an email to you. thanks

  5. Interested in your welding inspector course when i come back from Qatar, working in a hydrochemical project. What is your schedule for year 2010? What are the requirements and fees, would it also have an international recognized certificate?

    Thank you

  6. Our WI Course is just a local training not a CSWIP nor AWS. It is a preparatory course for those who plan to take international qualification. Our next WI Course will be on June and December 2010. thanks

  7. Thank you for responding to my enquiry. I am considering enrolling on the June schedule.

    Kind Regards

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